Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 Weeks!

Ladies and very few Gentlemen--We've reached 30 weeks!  Can I tell you how GREAT it is to see that big ol' THREE in the very front?

More than that, can I tell you how great it is to have blog friends like you guys?  Your comments after last week's post were so wonderful and exactly what this less-than-confident girl needed to read.  I felt so much better this past week and I know it's because of what each of you said.  Thank you very, very much!

This week was pretty low-key.  I took the second glucose test on Friday, which was much better than I expected but still quite long and annoying.  I imagine I'll receive the results tomorrow at my doc appointment but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it takes longer.  :)

We spent much of the weekend in bed watching season 1 of The West Wing (I came down with a cold last Wednesday and Michael unfortunately accepted the invitation to the cold party this weekend).   The nursery is continuing to come together!  We organized the drawers and also separated kitchen items from bathroom items from nursery items, etc.  It's crazy (and awesome) how much stuff we have for these kiddos!

It was a very relaxing week and a great way to end my twenties... again.  :) 

There is a popular pregnancy quiz that has taken the blog-world by storm so I'm going to modify it a little for a bit o' record keeping.

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: Will find out tomorrow.  My guess is 28 pounds.
Maternity clothes? YES.  Although the outfit I'm sporting below includes a non-maternity shirt from Zara.  My guess is I have officially made it maternity as no material can stretch that much and go back to its natural state.  A chemical reaction if you will...  (Right, dad?)
Stretch marks?  None!
Sleep: Not good.  I wake up about 5 times a night to go to the bathroom and have consistently been awake between the hours of 4-6 am.
Best moment this week:  Eating the chocolate lava cake from Chili's.  We never go there but I've had a hankerin' for it the past week.  Michael politely obliged.
Miss Anything?  Sleep.  
Movement: Constant.  I adore it. 
Food cravings: Cottage cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Oreos
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The thought of not being able to eat Oreos
Labor Signs: These darn contractions (if they count).  Other than that, nothing.
Wedding rings on or off? Off.  They still fit but I'm so nervous my fingers will swell one day due to the heat so I'm too scared to wear them.  I've been wearing my grandmother's pear-shaped emerald ring that she gave me before Michael and I married.  I like to think it represents our two babes.  (Get it?  PEAR?  PAIR?!!  Yesssss!)
Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I'm pretty happy most of the time.  I have some moods but they're few and far between.
Looking forward to: Seeing Jude & Sloane (albeit briefly) tomorrow!

30 weeks and an awkward head tilt to boot!


Kaitlin said...

You are tiny!! I can't believe you are already 30 weeks (you def don't look it)...SO exciting!! Tell the babies "hi" for me tomorrow :) Fingers crossed about the test results.

Amy said...

Ummm...you're so darn cute! Love it and love how you used the word hankerin!

Aubrey said...

This is my favorite preggers photo to date. LOVE IT!

Also love your sleep comments. I sucked at sleeping while preggo...a completely new experience for lazy old me! I was always frustrated when people told me to "enjoy the sleep now...while you still can." I will state for the record that I slept better THE NIGHT ELLA WAS BORN than I had in MANY MONTHS. On that note, this non-pregnant gal is headed to bed. :)

Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

You win....cutest pregnant gal ever!

Jenni (Mac) D said...

Too adorable! P.S. I want your blue pants!!!

katie said...

When I was 30 weeks with the twins I was on bedrest and officially retired to my sweats until they were born at 36 weeks! You are rocking' the twin pregnancy thing!!

katie said...

When I was 30 weeks with the twins I was on bedrest and officially retired to my sweats until they were born at 36 weeks! You are rocking' the twin pregnancy thing!!

The Echols Family said...

I do not think you could be more beautiful if you tried!! I wish I looked HALF as adorable pregnant as you do! Wahooo on 30 weeks. Praying for you and those sweet babes!! Miss you, girl.

Trish said...

28 pounds in 30 weeks is pretty darn good for two babes. Was so good to see you today--you look great!

And as for the sleep--people will be really mean and tell you to get used to it because you'll never sleep again. I don't know why people say this because it's a baldface lie. So, speaking of...of to bed! ;)

Crossing my fingers for you with that glucose test.

Leslie said...

I love Trish's comment up there...so true...people love to scare you with that lie!

Was just cleaning out my email account yesterday and came across some of our earliest correspondence about these babies. And now here you are at 30 weeks! Time flies, and you're looking fabulous as ever!!! xoxo

Ashley said...

You look so cute!! You are all belly!

Amber Massey said...

Gorgeous, girl! Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! I'm eagerly wishing to be in my 30s, too;) You are just a doll.. and your talk of grilled cheese sandwiches has forced me to log off this computer and find a way to make one for myself, ASAP! I've been craving the chocolate shake with chocolate sprinkles from Chili's.. and have yet to go and get one. I might just have to give in.

Thanks for that;) We have a doc appointment tomorrow, too! Good luck, sweet girl!

Courtney Edwards said...

So when are you going to become a pregnant model? :) You look stunning Meredith, really and super trendy in your cute outfit! After these babies are here we need to go shopping together. Glad I get to see you now at least once a week, lucky me!

Susie said...

You look great!! And the babies are still very high!! Can't wait to pat the bump again!
Love you!


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