Wednesday, September 26, 2012

33 Weeks!

Something big is supposed to happen today.  The two adorable brothers below are supposed to get a baby brother or sister.  There is still time left in the day but their mom let me know she doesn't think it's going to happen.  Regardless, happy due date Michelle! We can't wait to meet our newest niece or nephew!

I had my 33-week appointment today and all is well!  Both babies are still head down, though Sloane is now facing my spine and refuses to pose for any pictures.  I am absolutely terrified of that girl.  Meanwhile her brother is still the poster child of manners and grace, giving us several great shots and remaining in the same position he's been in since day 1.

Hey Jude.

I also found out that as of next week my doctor will do nothing to stop the delivery if the babies decide to come early.  She is able to give steroid shots to help with lung maturity and something about magnesium to stop contractions, but she feels both procedures are unnecessary once I'm past 34 weeks and if my body thinks it's time, it is indeed time.  I'm ok with this because (as unnatural as a c-section is) I'd like this pregnancy to be as non-invasive as possible.  Regardless, we're still hoping they decide to stay put a bit longer.  :)

In other news, Michael's workplace threw us a wonderful shower last Friday.  The way they treated me and spoiled the babies made me realize how happy they are that Michael is a part of their team.  I know the feeling is mutual, which is fantastic for all involved.  His boss has twins so we're hoping he remembers the first few months of sleep deprivation in case Michael falls asleep at his desk (or walking down the hall).  :)

A neat thing happened today that I don't want to forget. As you've noticed from recent pictures, my stomach is HUGE.  I'm comfortable with it and have learned to accept the odd/rude/inappropriate comments from strangers.  The other day at Target I was waiting in line and the 80-year-old woman behind me was obviously staring.  I finally made eye contact with her and she said, "Honey, is that baby's due date TODAY?"  I laughed and told her there were two babies and she backed off.  Anywho, that was not the point of this paragraph.  After my appointment today I was leaving the hospital and a complete stranger smiled at me and said, "You have a beautiful belly!"  I broke into a huge grin.  I thanked her and walked (waddled) away feeling the best I have in weeks.  It was the sweetest compliment.  Regardless of how giant I am, this belly is housing two babies and to hear someone celebrate that fact is awesome.  I will definitely remember how good I felt at that moment and will pass on the comment to another woman who looks like her baby's due date is that day.  :)

And speaking of giant bellies, below are the latest pictures.  Let's say it together: GOOD LORD.  Each time I look at these pictures I burst out laughing.  I think I could be a circus act.

 33 weeks

Sidenote: I'm turning off the comments on this post.  You guys always write the sweetest things and I'm starting to feel a little awkward.  I don't post pictures with the intent of receiving comments (although they're lovely) and you deserve a much needed break from coming up with nice things to say about the circus act (and most recently the nursery)!  :)  Instead, I'd appreciate it if you said a quick prayer for my brother's family and their newest addition!


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