Sunday, June 21, 2009

Howdy Ya'll!

Discover Dallas Day 1
June 19, 2009

7:15 am: Wake up in sheer panic. I'm late for work! Wait... no I'm not. Curl up under the covers and enjoy another hour of sleep.

8:30 am: Wake up again. I'm late for work! Wait... no I'm not. (This could get old.) Realize it's my first day as an unemployed gal. Think I'll just relax and not do a darn thing.

8:45 am: I AM SO BORED. What do people without jobs (and kids) DO all day? Decide I will take my trusty gps and discover some of the nearby 'burbs.

10:00 am: On the road! Travel throughout Lewisville, visit a few parks that have some great running trails.

10:04 am:
Piss off first Texas driver.

12:00 pm: Find a Taco Bell that is relatively close to the house. Victory! (Last week I typed in "Taco Bell" on google maps and found nothing. Was immediately depressed. Well guess what, google maps? You were WRONG!) Order two supreme beef chalupas sans tomatoes.

12:30 pm: After traveling through Lewisville, Coppell, Carrollton, and some of Plano, decide it's time for a trip to the mall.

12:35 pm: Piss off 14th Texas driver. (Oops!)

2:30 pm: Leave mall without one purchase. Pat myself on the back for being so disciplined. Decide I'm thirsty.

2:45 pm: Go to Barnes and Noble and order a tall white chocolate mocha ("um, YEAH I want whipped cream. Psh."), grab The Shack and sit at the bar so I can read and look out the window.

3:00 pm: Figure out the girl sitting 2 stools down from me is waiting to meet her eharmony (or date for the FIRST TIME. Realize this after I hear her say, "Oh, you're wearing the red shirt just like you said you would." Oh jeez.

3:15 pm: Silently pray that the girl will please STOP TALKING. Decide her date is thinking the same as me. Consider asking him something so he will catch a break from his online date.

3:30 pm: SERIOUSLY. Stop talking!! I am so annoyed.

3:45 pm: Internet lovebirds take off together. My guess is he's taking her to the library or to a movie. Anywhere that talking is not an option.

4:30 pm: Receive a call from Michael telling me he is on his way home. Throw away empty cup, put book back on the shelf (don't judge) and drive all the way home WITHOUT the help of directions.

Day 1: Huge success.
Next up? Irving and (gulp) downtown Dallas. Prayers would be much appreciated.


Jax said...

Haha! This is awesome...esp the eharmony part. Proud of your explorations of Dallas on day one! Being unemployed for awhile may suck, but there are hundreds of thousands of Texas drivers to annoy in the meantime. ;) Tulsa misses you. It told me.

Erin Nickell said...

This is sooo funny! I am proud of you for exploring! I wish we were there and we would meet you at a park. My children provide quite a bit of entertainment :)

PS Don't worry lots of Taco Bells around :) I love baja chicken chalupas

Leslie said...

I'd say your first day was a success! And it is impossible to drive anywhere in Texas without pissing off someone, so don't feel bad! There is a road just north of downtown off of 35 that has some cute little shopping, restaurants, and a Pottery Barn...south of Mockingbird. Can't remember the name but you'd love the area!

katandkarl said...

pretty soon you will be honking and waving and cursing like a true dallas driver!

Julie Caroline said...

Have you confirmed the nearnest Sonic location? Coming from a girl without one in 200 miles, that is an important one.

Ashley and Lee said...

Yay you made it! The eharmony story is awesome! Looking forward to hearing about Irving and downtown!


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