Friday, June 12, 2009

Business Women Special

Last night I created a group on facebook in preparation for a big event coming up. Here's a hint:

Oh yes, I am exactly one year away from my 10-year reunion. Unbelievable. I've been talking to the girl in charge of this year's reunion and she told me to start preparing NOW so we'd have plenty of people show up. So here I am, 365 days away from ours and already in full planning mode. Hoping I will not burn out before Christmas.

A part of me is so excited to see everyone and the other part is freaking out. I'd rather duck into a random store (done this more than once--ask my friends) than participate in small talk. I can't stand it. I'm terrible at it and anyone that talks to me knows it. I hate awkward silences so the entire time the person is answering my question I'm thinking about my next question. Fortunately I can pull the whole, "Welp, I need to go check on (fill in the blank here) but it was SO great to see you and I'll see you in 2020!" Do you think that's too obvious?

And here's my darling nephew! He is finally able to play with a gift Michael and I gave him for Christmas last year. I know Justin is excited to have a guitar buddy.

New video of the little guy. Happy Friday everyone!

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Ashley and Lee said...

You know, like a special, for business women?

Haha, I am always quoting that line for Lee, and he doesn't appreciate it because he's never seen the movie, shocking I know :)

I do hope that you and your bff from high school coreograph a dance to Time After Time and record it. I mean, that's just a requirement for all high school reunions!

Haley Nicodemus said...

Ha - I feel the exact same way - let's just say I'm already nervous about it.

JB said...

Don't forget to take your cell phone... ...just in case anyone needs to make a call.

Julie Caroline said...

Ummm I have to go. I cut my foot earlier and my shoe is filling up with blood. That's the line I'm gonna use during awkward reunion small talk.


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