Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Week!

Have you seen or read High Fidelity? If not, go see/read it. Both are fantastic. (Not to mention, who doesn't love John Cusack?!) The author creates top 5 lists for everything and I tend to do the same. For example.

Top 5 ways God could punish me forever (aka. "Hell on earth" items of business):
1. Brain MRIs. Seriously, shoot me if I ever have to do one again. I consider it the most basic form of torture.
2. Hairy spiders. What ARE you? An insect? A mammal? I am so confused!!!
3. Miley Cyrus. Oh and Speidi. All 3 of them make me so angry.
4. Long voice messages that end with, "Ok, call me back." You have 2 choices: 1) Leave an uber short message and say "OK, call me back." Leave a long message and say "I just explained everything so no need to call me back!"
5. Packing

I HATE PACKING! Michael flew in late Friday night and we spent the weekend packing. Well... we spent most of the weekend packing. Well... we packed some. I would pack for 20 minutes and then take a very long break. If this says anything, we watched 3 movies this weekend. In random order:

1. Bride Wars. I should have known. With a name like Bride Wars, I should have known. I might have laughed twice. It just wasn't good.

2. The Hangover. Yep, this was very, very funny. Michael and I went yesterday and as we walked in the theater I stopped mid-step (literally--Michael bumped into me), turned around and whispered very quietly, "I think we're in the wrong theater." Why would I say that? Because there were only 8 other people and 6 of them were 65+. So Michael gave me one of his ginormous sighs, walked out to check the sign above the door (I stayed firmly planted mid-step), walked back in and pointed to two seats. So... it was a strange audience but still very hilarious.

3. Definitely, Maybe. Neither of us went into this expecting much but we both ended up loving it. I was thinking it was going to be a full-blown chick flick, but it actually had depth. I LOVE DEPTH!

Not that I have any credentials to judge movies, but as one who spent 6 hours this weekend watching fictional characters do funny, even more funny, and "How much longer is she going to talk about her hair being blue" things, I felt compelled to share.

Including today, I have 4 days left at the ol' job. Very excited, very nervous... and most of all, very ready for things to be back to normal (whatever the hell that means).


Leslie said...

Speidi was on the Today show this morning and I had to turn it off because I was fuming. Mostly because she said her greatest goal is to be a true disciple of Jesus. I am not one to judge, but REALLY?

Melissa McMahan said...

ha...that's funny leslie. jason has forever said that there is only one person on the face of the planet worse than spencer pratt - osama bin laden.
and mer, how exciting it's all almost here for you guys!!! have you been able to find a job yet?

Jax said...

I actually referenced Speidi on vacation once and someone said "who's that?" I felt a little...yeah. Whatever. Glad you liked the Hangover! I just wrote how funny it was so if I'd come over here and read "What a crappy movie" I would have been like "um.. sense of humor is weird." haha..

Both YAY and Boo on you moving. *sigh*

Heather said...

I'm gonna miss you!!!! Boo-hoo!

Emily said...

Boo that you are moving:( I dont want you to pack... take more packing breaks:) We want to go see the hangover! I have heard it is hilarous... good luck this week and so glad I got to see you saturday. thank you so mucch for coming to our shower!


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