Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Comments Are Better Than Birthday Cake

I have this new thing I do when I get excited. It's a very high-pitched "EEEEEEE!!" sound. (It's what I imagine a pterodactyl sounded like way back in the day. RIP.) Anywho, your comments? So many "EEEEE!" screeches were made, it was ridiculous. Thank you for introducing yourselves to me. I tried to write each one of you but for those of you who don't have a blog profile, let it be known that you kick butt.

As far as google analytics... I am not the one to ask as my skillz are very limited. Type "" into that little bar up there and watch the magic happen.

After today, I think I might become an every-other-weeker-WBW-poster. I love it, I really do, but when I dedicate a post each week to both WBW and Evan, I've run out of steam to write about my present. And I care about this blog too much to lose perspective.

Enough about that. With no further adieu, bring on the Way Back Wednesday madness! Here's a whole slew of pictures from Melissa's wedding in July 2006.

BFFs in college. Pretty and innocent picture with the bride.

Bride has left the group... Still pretty innocent but Kait thought something was quite funny... Summer is doing a jig.

Annie has moved down so we have a nice 2-row formation. Sash from my dress has made its grand entrance.

Annie is hugging us. Sash from my dress is a hit! (I adore this picture...)

Annie is now so low that only her hand is visible. Kait has left. Sash from my dress is still a great prop. I show off my best dance moves.

The end. (Thank God.)


Leslie said...

Love these shots!!! Speaking of many had you kicked back before this moment happened? ;)

Emily said...

ahhh! All of these pictures make me smile:)

Stacia said...

fun times=great pics!!

♥Joy♥ said...

Ok, So literally I am only leaving this comment because of the EEEE!!!!!! I can imagine you doing when you get the alert that you have new comments! I also love comments! I don't have an EEEEEE! but I sure do get all hippity-happy! hahaha! =D


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