Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Favorites

Does anyone else think Fall feels like a new beginning? I know most consider New Year's Day to be their "fresh start," but on that day I can barely zip my pants, my skin is dry and pale, I'm slightly hungover from too much bubbly, and all I can see in my future is February. On January 1, I feel exhausted. Fall, however, makes me want to become a better person. You can walk outside and not immediately gasp for breath due to the temps, the trees are prettier, moods are cheerier, and something about school supplies at Target makes me think, "This is it. My slate is clean."

Anyway, thought it was time to do another favorites post and I believe I will keep the subject matter Fall-related because it's just so damn great. For the record, my favorite season is and always will be summer. However, after experiencing 71 days of 100+ temps, I think I'm ready to exchange the tanks and shorts for boots and blazers.

1. Oil of Olay Regenerist Serum. This is some good stuff. Fall = drier skin. Wrinkles have declared war on my face and unfortunately, they are winning. I try to use it every night. (There are still plenty of nights I don't wash my face before bed. Haley--don't hate me.) I always use it in the morning on my forehead and laugh lines, but avoid the eye area because it can cause your eye makeup to run. Oh and did I mention Target makes their own knock-off version? It's a fraction of the price. Oil of Olay is reasonable, but Target still managed to beat 'em and it works just as well.

2. Lululemon Define Jacket. Let me start out with the bad news. It's not cheap. Not at all. But the fit will cause you to not bat an eye at the price tag (well, maybe a few bats, but no permanent damage). I am the proud owner of two and am a very happy customer. I wear them all of the time, especially when flying. I don't enjoy looking like a slob in public but I refuse to fly in uncomfortable clothes. This jacket is the perfect answer. Anyway, if I can put on a workout jacket and feel confident (and dare I say a wee bit sexy?), I consider it money well spent.

3. Chai Latte by Cafe Escapes. This stuff is SO GOOD. I think I could drink four cups a day but that's a bit ridiculous so I stick to one. I feel odd spending a lot of time writing about how something tastes so I'll just tell you to go try it. FYI - My mom had it and thought it was too sweet. Then again, my favorite drink at Starbucks is a white chocolate mocha so that doesn't surprise me.
4. Football. I know. I can't believe I, Meredith Leigh Besancon Haynes, just listed football as a favorite. Hear me out. I really do enjoy a game each weekend in the Fall. Please note, I said a game. Singular. I'm actually doing pretty well in my Fantasy league and due to my competitive nature, it's made football more fun. Not to mention, I love how happy it makes Michael.

5. Fall fashion. Oh it makes my heart happy. Sweaters, cardigans, scarves, plaid button-ups, leggings, boots, leopard-print, menswear inspired shoes, stacked bracelets, blazers.... I love it all. I think my limbs are silently screaming because they're being covered up but I always feel more "put together" in Fall attire. I included some of my recent favorites from Pinterest. Sorry, such a broad category. I also included a few of my latest shoe purchases (well, one was a gift from the Mr.), which are both very Fall and very comfortable! (I cannot get enough of mustard!)

Source: None via Meredith on Pinterest

The latest newcomers to my shoe shelves:

They're a bit quirky but hey, so am I. It works.

6. HeyTell App for the iPhone/iPad (holla!) or Android (don't holla). Ok, this has nothing to do with Fall but you will FALL in love with it. (eh? EHHH?) Not to mention, it's free! My friend at work told me about it a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. It's similar to a walkie-talkie and great if you're driving and need to send a quick message (quit it with the texting)! Michael's messages are something like, "Don't take 635--heavy traffic" or "I fed Thumbs this morning." My statements are closer to, "Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?" and "Who do you love more: Me or ____ (fill in the blank with absolutely any person, place or thing)?"

So there you have it. Fantastically fun fall favorites from Feredith (I tried).

Do you have any fall favorites?

(Also--thanks for the sweet notes on my last post. Looking back, I should've turned off the ability to comment because my intent was to share my thoughts with you--not have it turn back to me. Anywho, from the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you.)


Leslie said...

I keep hearing about Lululemon yoga pants, but hadn't heard about the jacket! Perhaps I shall take the plunge one of these days. For some reason it feels hard to spend big bucks on comfy clothes, but then when I think about how much I wear them it really makes sense to buy quality! (As evidenced by the faded, slightly shrunken Target yoga pants I am sporting at this very minute.)

Aubrey said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who still thinks in terms of school years! I always chalked it up to being a teacher, but maybe that's not it after all. Then again, as the daughter of two teachers you might as well be one yourself. Thinking in terms of school years is probably encoded in your DNA. :)

Every stylish person I know loves fall clothes. Fall clothes make me SAD, which only reinforces my surety that I am the polar opposite of stylish. (Sigh.) I'm just too darn cheap to pay for the expensive boots, accessories galore, and all those layers. You're going to see me on What Not To Wear (or its equivalent) someday.

Susie said...

I remember when I was a teenager, SEVENTEEN Magazine alway had a huge fall fashion issue. I was at the local drugstore the day it came out to make sure I could buy a copy. Fall is my absolute favorite season for shopping! You come by it naturally!

Laura said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall too! But I think most of my feelings stem from all the fun fall things to bake, instead of the fashion. :) I really like the new shoes, and think it's fun that you have "quirky" mustard colored ones! Out of all the wonderful fall things you posted about, the thing that stuck out most to me in this post, is the fact that you don't wash your face every night! Have we had this conversation before?? I literally can NOT go to sleep if I haven't washed my face and brushed my teeth! Even if it's 4:30 am when I'm going to bed, I have to do those things! Anyways...I don't think I knew that about you before, and now I might have to change my opinion. Totally kidding! Question: Do you decorate your house for fall? It seems like you would have some really great pumpkin/leafy types of things? If so, I'm voting for pictures :)

Jax said...

I didn't know Target made their own version of Olay! I use that stuff, too! But, yeah, it's pricey! Must try it out! And I like your explanation of a new start in fall. I agree 100%. :)

Kaitlin said...

I obviously missed this post b/c I saw the shoes in person for the first time (LOVE) and learned about your love of the Lululemon jacket while shopping :) Fall is my favorite!

Trish said...

Three words:

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall leaves, of course, but if we get them they won't come until November. The crisp air.

Oh...and because I can't make comments less than 4 paragraphs--PLEASE make me over! ;) And yes, I counted "Three Words" as a paragraph.

Hope you're having a wonderful trip (5).


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