Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Already August?

Note: This post is absolute crap. Forgive me while I re-learn how to write.

Whenever I take an extended blog hiatus it's always so hard to get back into it. Add several distractions and blogging ends up pretty low on the list (my apologies). Some of the distractions:

Pinterest (as mentioned in a previous post): A complete time suck that makes me so, so happy.

Hunger Games: Have you read this trilogy? I've asked anyone and everyone this question over the past few weeks. Incredible. Makes you think, makes you cry (or was it just me?) and makes you absolutely terrified of the future. :) Highly recommend.

Movies, Movies, Movies: It's too hot to do anything outside so we've stayed inside and seen a lot of movies. Some include: Captain America (good), Crazy, Stupid, Love (great), Midnight in Paris (love!), and Harry Potter (eh). I believe I've mentioned this before but I cannot wait to see One Day, which comes out in a few weeks. Adored the book and am hoping the movie is as good (let's be honest, I know it won't be).

Travel: Well first off, see below. Other than that, it's future trip planning that has kept me busy--San Fran/Napa this fall and we've recently decided (well, discussed) a trip to France for our 5-year anniversary. I'm in "Merd, Travel Planner" mode and am loving every minute of it. My mom and I have also talked about going to NYC for my 30th Bday so add that to the list and I'm in heaven.

Sanibel Island: My family traveled to Florida last week and had a wonderful time! We finally met our newest nephew, Braden, and I can't say enough wonderful things about him. He is such a happy, good-natured baby with the sweetest smile (unfortunately, the only time he doesn't smile is when a camera is in his face). I posted way too many pictures on Facebook so I'll share some here and include the link for the two of you who are interested in seeing more. We also got to hang out with his big (emphasis on BIG), handsome brother Evan and watch him fall in love with the water. It was such a fun week with the Besancon clan. :)

Next up:
-A fun, albeit small DIY project at the Haynes abode
-Pictures from the past 3 months that I am absolutely certain no one cares about but I refuse to ignore
-Exercise (or lack thereof) and what I plan to do about it

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Leslie said...

Glad to have you back! Great photos...love the portrait of you two on the beach, and of course the one of Michael and sweet Braden. What is it about dudes holding babies!?! Just gets me every time!

Melissa said...

love the pictures! those little boogers make for a whole different kind of fun at the beach :)oh and i really like your white pants. i wished you lived closer so i could borrow them (don't you miss having college roomates sometimes because of the amplified wardrobe??)

Aubrey said...

I love a Meredith post!

The beach looks amazing (it's already fall here), Evan and Braden are adorable (and photogenic), the Hunger Games were awesome (I cried too), the movie recommendations are exciting (for when they come out on DVD...let's just say I'm JEALOUS of your ability to go to the theater whenever you want), and the travel plans make me giddy (let me know if you want any Frenchified hotel/restaurant/misc recs).

And the Besancon family portrait on the beach is GORGEOUS. You're such pretty people. :)

Kaitlin said...

That pic of Michael holding Braden is perfectly sweet :) And, I'm intrigued by this One Day book/movie. Perhaps if I ever finish the three books stacked on my nightstand I'll add that one to my list. Lord knows I won't see the movie for another year or two!


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