Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY - Storage

Oh you guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kind words. Your posts, emails, and texts were so appreciated. I read each of them to Michael and we are both grateful for your friendship and support. After I published the post I experienced a moment of sheer terror. I paced, I cried, and I second guessed everything I wrote. But today? Today I feel good. Tomorrow I'll feel better, and I know it'll continue to improve as the days/weeks go by.

I'll share a related story before I get to the point of this post. Whenever one of us gets a new prescription, Michael always asks whether or not "anal leakage" is a side effect. SICK. After seeing it on a random commercial he thinks it's absolutely hilarious. Anyway, I read aloud the list of side effects for folic acid (FYI--anal leakage was not on the list, thank you very much) and we both had a good chuckle over "confusion." But I kid you not, I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing it. I haven't looked quizzically at Michael or Thumbs and asked, "Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?" but I've been a complete idiot and Michael thinks I've lost it. Oops. So next time you see me, don't be offended if I act confused. It's just a side effect. :)

Ok, I'd mentioned last week that we had a small project going on at the Haynes' abode. This one involves our closet. I fully admit that my stuff takes up 80% of the closet and is slowly creeping over to his 20%. I think Michael finally had enough of it and mentioned hanging my handbags on the closet wall to free up a large shelf. Fortunately, he has good taste and mentioned dropping by Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to see what hooks they had to offer. Music to my ears.

We rummaged through their loot, picked our favorites and came home with 14 decorative hooks. We spent several hours today hanging up some of my favorite handbags, scarves, and hats. I wish I could say they're all on the wall but who am I kidding? It was a cheap and easy idea that helped us get organized and emptied a shelf in our closet.

Next on my list: Buy something to put on our newly pristine shelf. Just kidding, my dear. :)

(I apologize for the picture quality--taking pictures of a closet was very difficult for me!)

BEFORE: Closet wall (+ ugly alarm system box)
(Also--does your closet include a soccer ball? No? Just ours?)

Quite the eclectic mix!

Of course we had to buy one with an "H"

Hint: It's not necessary to measure/put the hooks in a straight line since the objects are all different sizes. We just hung the hooks/bags as we went and it worked pretty well.



Laura said...

Looks great! Only you would have a closet that looks this put-together :) I would never post a picture of mine!

Kaitlin said...

Great idea! I only wish I had a wall that big in my closet to do the same, ha! (only, I think the real issue in our closet at the current moment is where to put all of Steve's GIANT shoes)

Jax said...

Looks great! I'm with Kaitlin on wanting a bigger closet in general, let alone a fabulous wall to organize stuff on! :) Ahh... midtown Tulsa.. haha! :)

Trish said...

I'm impressed! Both by your creativity and your acessories. Pretty sure I just bought my first necklace (in years) and I have it hanging on an ironing board hook in our closet. It's pathetic. I'll text you a picture to give you a good chuckle.

Leslie said...

Look at you, Miss Handy Pants! I have always just loved that metallic Coach bag of yours...divine.

Jamie and Ryan said...

Aw love these. Great idea! I have the "M" from there in our closet too! I must say, you have great taste...

JB said...

In addition to the hooks for the handbags, I think your closet needs a giant box shelf for the soccer ball.


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