Monday, August 22, 2011

How High Can You Go?

I need your help.

Let me preface this by saying I feel like a complete moron for what I'm about to ask. Let me continue by saying I hope you respond to this post more than any other post I've ever written.


I'm on a high waisted jeans kick. LOVE them. Can't get enough of them... on other people. College me would have bought them a year ago, worn the crap out of them, and never thought twice about it. I miss college me.

29-year-old me is a wee bit terrified of looking ridiculous. Not to mention my better half has ZERO appreciation for the jeans. His two comments when I told him I needed a pair: "...Like the ones Jessica Simpson wore?" and "Oh... mom jeans?"

A good wife would have extinguished the dream.

I bought a pair.

They are not ridiculously high waisted, but they do come to my belly button and for someone whose torso is approx 4 inches, that's pretty high. I got them for a STEAL (yahoo!) and can return them if you, dear reader, think I look ridiculous. So I had Michael take pictures. Mind you, I said "absolutely not" to a butt shot because if I do keep them I plan on wearing something to cover zee butt. No amount of confidence will ever convince me my ass looks good in these jeans. (Solution: Tucked in top worn with a blazer, cardigan or jacket.)

Here's the deal. I doubt any of you will say, "OMG, awful." You're too nice and I'm grateful for that, but I also really want you to tell me if I need to return them. Kind phrases such as "I just love straight leg" or "I think this fad is going to die very soon" are perfect.

Disregard the outfit, it was "grab a shirt and go" time. I think the jeans would look nice with a fun blouse and leather jacket but it's 105 degrees outside, people. Use your imagination.

Here we go! I'm leaning forward so they don't look as high as they really are. After I saw the pictures I mentioned we needed to take some more but we were both too hot to care. The side shot gives a better idea if you can get past my arm shadow.


Leslie said...

YES! Here is my rationale for why you keep the jeans:
1) They were cheap. Trendy must be cheap, in my book.
2) You have the perfect body type to pull them off. Jessica Simpson? Short and curvy, and a total disaster in high-waisted jeans. Not to mention that hers seemed to stop just short of her very, very large bosom. You, however, are tall and skinny, with a proportional chest that is not going to hang over your high-waisted jeans :)
3) You look hot. And so what if the trend is over soon? I say embrace it while you can, because you can!

Haley Nicodemus said...

You look awesome! And I love this post! Wear them proudly and for me bc I definitely could NOT pull this look off.

SushiMama said...

I say that in the pics, the jeans look great, however, I only think they look right with a cute, tucked in shirt on top. I'm not sure how you accomplish this while also covering the back half...

I say keep the jeans and tuck the shirt proudly!!!

Kaitlin said...

If anyone can pull off this look, it's a girl who is tall & slim...ahem, you! They look good, but how would you hide your bum? I think they look best with a blouse tucked in, thus showing the high waisted quality!

emily said...

I love them! I don't think I could pull them off, but they look awesome on you!

Rachel said...

Love. You look classy, a tad nautical, and nothing like J-Simp. I got a pair of high-waisted Paige jeans for $40 at Anthro a few months ago. Haven't quite worn yet, but was high on the deal for weeks. :)

Summer said...

I don't know if you'll take this as a compliment but it's intended as one: you remind me of Rachel Zoe in these! I dig em. You can rock em.

Candace said...

I tend to agree with the comments --- high waisted looks best paired with a tucked in shirt/blouse. pair it with a skinny belt & it would be so cute! I LOVE them --- and think they make you look thin and oh so tall! I say keep them and rock them :)

Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

Ok, I'm a little late on this comment BUT heck yes wear the crap out of these jeans. I love this look. I have a pair I bought back in March from Gap for Jackson's disco party and I love wearing them. (mine are maybe not quite a high waisted and the pant leg is SUPER wide but same idea, right?) I can't wait for jeans weather so I can wear them again.


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