Wednesday, December 16, 2009


*Editor's Note: I actually wrote this post a week ago. I haven't had much time/energy to write about present life so this is all I've got. My apologies.

I've seen this on several blogs (one I know personally) and always found it quite funny, so I decided I'd be a bit unoriginal and do it myself. Google analytics lists "keywords," which is what someone typed in the search bar that led them to my blog. If you were to search, "Meredith and Michael Haynes," chances are pretty good you'd find our blog immediately. But some of them? Wowzers. The "keywords" are in bold and my thoughts are italicized. If any of you found my blog through one of the following statements, please email me and we'll chat. :)

Cut it off rattail mom
Yes, please cut it off. Like... right now.

My braces, my husband, my baby
I have no idea what these three items have in common but I hope they were not put in preferential order.

Badly decorated Christmas tree disasters
I am highly, HIGHLY offended that our poor blog was one of the available options and even more disgusted you actually chose it. This is worse than Stacey, Clinton, and a huge camera crew showing up at my office.

Cat going for the gold
Whoever you are, I hope you saw the same potential in Thumbs that I most certainly did. And if you think your pet might be a fierce competitor, I have only one question: How many toes does YOUR cat have? That's what I thought.

Is anyone else obsessed with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes?
Does an entire blog post dedicated to this lit'l bit o' perfection count?

Kate Beckett underwear
I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for but I can assure you it will not be found on my blog. I am, however, glad to know you enjoy Castle.

Let's play a game you write back to me do it now
Let's play a game where you learn how to use punctuation. Do it now.

Red flags of a serial killer
Do you really need to look this up on google? Is s/he in your house? Here's a hint, pick up the phone and dial 911.

Would you tell me about okra?
There are not enough words in the English language to sufficiently answer this question. All I can tell you is it'll change your life forever.


Aubrey said...

These had me cracking up! The best one I've seen on ours is "what is a thuse?" Awesome.

katandkarl said...

MMMMM okra.

these are awesome.

my braces, my husband, my baby - ON WHAT PLANET WOULD YOU GOOGLE THAT!?!?

The Emerson's said...

Totally cracking up over here! And my lawsy, those little debbie christmas tree cakes will be the death of me! Hahaha!!

Just and FYI....the zebra cakes by little debbie may or may not be just as delish! ((but you didn't here it from me!)) :)

Suzanne said...

I'm pretty sure between the little debbie snack cake and okra comments I got warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy...

Julie Caroline said...

Oh man. I keep forgetting to tell you that "Let's play a game where you learn how to use punctuation. Do it now." had me laughing for days.


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