Saturday, December 12, 2009

Completely Random Post

It has been one crazy week: last few days at the old job, first few days at the new job. I can't tell you how EXCITED I was to wake up this morning and realize (a) I did not have to work today (a Saturday) and (b) I will never have to work on a Saturday (at least for now) and (c) did I mention I did not have to work today, which just so happens to be a Saturday? AHHHH!!!!

With that in mind, I'm sure you'll understand why I told my husband "Absolutely not" when he asked if I wanted to run by the mall today. Instead we went to the Dallas aquarium, which is amazing. I highly recommend it if you've never been. We went several years ago but they've updated it quite a bit. I took some high quality pictures with my phone so here's a few of our favorite animals.

Honestly, I have no idea why this guy is at an aquarium but he sure is beautiful. He was asleep the entire time. I need to check his blood lines--my guess is he's Thumbs' big brother.

I adore flamingos. I'm not sure why but I think it's because I can relate to their legs. Anywho, I was telling Michael that I loved their coloring and he wondered if it was due to their diet (which includes shrimp). I said something to the tune of "psh, NO" and rolled my eyes. Then I read about them and turns out their coloring is 100% due to their diet. So um... yeah. Who knew? (Answer: Michael)

This little fella cracked us up. His shell was balanced on this branch and I have no idea how he got himself there. More importantly, I have no idea how he'll move. I really want a pet turtle but I've heard they smell. So.... I think I'll pass.

And the highlight of my day was, of course, the manatees. I tear up every time I see one, they're just so sweet. I'm pretty sure the larger one waved at me. I stared at them for a good ten minutes and Michael was nice enough to let me have my "alone time" with my big-boned friends.

Since I'm on a picture kick, I'll share some pictures of where I've been the past 2.5 months and where I am now. Dramatically different, don't you think?

Entrance to Nordstrom (at the Galleria). Handbags are directly to the left!

Ah yes, here we are.

Earl the Squirrel and Roberto the Reindeer
Katie, myself and Jordan

My new desk!

I have a window! We're on the 16th floor (you can see the overlap from the two pictures below)

The new job is fantastic so far. There's a lot to learn but I really enjoy everyone I've met and it's an amazing place. Hoping I'll feel more comfortable with everything in the upcoming weeks. I believe their motto is "We love food" because everything revolves around it. Hey, no complaints here.

And last but definitely not least, we finally had our other Peter Lik photograph framed! We are thrilled with how it turned out. This picture doesn't do it justice but I think it will look beautiful in the new living room.

The problem with having both framed is now we're anxious to purchase another print. We're hoping to travel to NYC in 2010 and guess who has not one but TWO galleries there? :)

(Below is the next photograph I want. I couldn't find Michael's favorite online...)


Our Happy Married Life... said...

ooooh i LOVE that last photograph. And the hubs and I are going to NYC in 2010. Feb to be exact! :)

Leslie said...

Jonathan looked over my shoulder and saw the pic of the manatee...our conversation was as follows: J, "Whatcha looking at?" L: "Merdi's blog." J: "What's that?" L: "A manatee." J: (with sarcasm) "Is Meredith a save-the-manatees kind of girl?" L: "As a matter of fact, she is...and she has already saved one. Her name is Dana." J: Silence. :)

Jax said...

Love that last photo!! And I SO want to go to NYW right now.. I dunno why. When it's cold, I want big cities. When it's warm, I want beaches. Shouldnt I want to go to a beach NOW or something? *sigh* Anyway, awesomesauce office complete with window! And my first week at SF, they had TWO food events. And I got a t shirt. My friends asked me if I joined a sorority instead of a job..haha.. Starting new jobs is the job is fun, I suppose. Glad you're liking it! Fun trip to the aquarium, too...I wish we had more than catfish at the one here.. hah.. I should hush. it's not so bad really... :) (and you totally might know what I was all worried about...I have been wanting to fill you in most of all b/c it has to do with a place Michael used to frequent daily...but I will NOT be taking them up on the offer to frequent them daily... let's just put it like that for now.. haha..) That sounds weird. But I think you got it. :)

Okay, I'm rambling. Hope all is well in D town!! XOXO!


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