Friday, July 24, 2009

Fridays With Evan...And The Master Bedroom.

I think it's been a month since I've posted any pictures of Evan, which doesn't seem that long but if you're only 8.5 months old it's a little absurd. So I have included several pictures as well as two videos. Tomorrow I'll get to see the little guy IN person IN Florida. Can't beat that. I fly tonight and don't get back until next Saturday so I will be leaving blogland for awhile. I'm bringing my bff Mr. iPhone so I'll be able to keep up with all of your blogs, but the commenting will be even less than usual. My apologies.

Before I get to (disclaimer: my opinion) the cutest nephew in the world, I wanted to show some pictures of the new master bedroom. I've take 11 bajillion pictures and I'm not happy with any of them. The actual color vs. the color the camera portrays are very, very different. Imagine if you can a medium blue with green and grey undertones and you've got Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray. However! These pictures make it appear blue with blue and blue undertones. Whatev. Our master bedroom is a total work in progress (Hey! That's the name of this blog!) and I hope to show you an updated picture in a year (or two. or five.) that includes a headboard, new side tables, and oh I don't know CURTAINS perhaps?

Until then, here is our master bedroom 2.0. Before picture:

And after!

By the way, 10' ceilings are great until you have to paint them. And then they become the bane of your existence.

And now I bring you the Evanator:

And two videos. The first one cracks me up (make sure your sound is on so you understand what's going on). I now have mixed feelings about Evan's teenage years...

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And the little guy eating...with 8 teeth. 8 teeth!

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Ashley said...

Woohoo I love freshly painted walls!! And I totally understand about the picture color thing, We have a couple of blue/gray rooms and they just do not translate well. And I love the paisley bedding! I love paisley.

Even looks so much older in these pics! He's lost a little of the "baby" in his face and you can see a little boy in there!

Leslie said...

I think the paint color looks FABULOUS in these pictures, which means that it looks even better in person! Gorgeous!

That Evan. Oh. My. Gracious. So cute. I especially love the last pic of him with his Grandma Susie!

kaitlin said...

The room looks great!! Wonderful job, Merd! :)

Evan is absolutely darling! That video of him eating is so cute- you can actually see him contemplating liking the cheese or not!

Melissa McMahan said...

he already has EIGHT teeth??! that's crazy! lincoln only has 2 - and they are only half-way there! he's adorable! and love the room!

Jax said...

Aw the videos and pics are so cute!! Awesome job on the new bedroom paint color, too! I hate that when things don't photo the way you'd like, but the room still looks fab! :)

Julie Caroline said...

Omg. You guys totally got me hooked on the colby/jack cheese in my teenage years too! I can't believe how many teeth he has. That's amazing. He is too cute!

Emily said...

gosh soo soo cute:) I love the evan pics and the videos:) could he get any cuter.. nope he couldnt and your room looks great! i love the color you chose! ur bed spread is beautiful! soo pretty!
Also, can you bring me some of that fried okra that you posted about below.. maybe to the delivery room:) Miss you!!!!!


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