Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Florida & Way Back Wednesday

And I'm back! Our vacation was fantastic! However, it was the first time I was not highly depressed on the last day. Not to get all corny on you, but vacations sans husband are just not as fun. Every time someone said something funny, I wanted him to be there to hear it, and every time I said something stupid (which happens more than I care to admit), I expected his oh so loving voice to call me out on my ridiculousness. So while I had a terrific time with the entire family, I was pretty ecstatic to see him at the airport Saturday night.

I can't say much about the trip because we purposefully don't DO much. Most families have big plans each day, whereas we look at it as a true vacation. You wake up, you go to the pool/beach, you eat lunch, you take a cat nap, you go back to the pool/beach, you eat dinner, you chat, you go to sleep, and repeat. It's glorious! We all had a great time with Evan and each other. I might have complained 498 times about sleeping on the couch but really, who wouldn't? All in all, fabulous trip.

Unfortunately, I woke up Monday with either allergies or a bad cold and have been coughing/sneezing/ and er... other gross stuff ever since. Have you heard me sneeze? If you live in Texas, the past few days have not been earthquakes. On no, they have been aftershocks from yours truly. Thumbs wants nothing to do with me as I have frightened her multiple times. Even Michael looks at me a bit peculiarly. Needless to say, I'm ready to be healthy again.

A few pictures from the trip. If you want to see more, CLICK HERE. Don't worry, I did not post all 466 of them. Apparently when you have a 9-month old with you, you become the paparazzi.

And since this is Way Back Wednesday, two pictures for you. The first goes with the theme of this post and was taken at Sanibel 10 years ago. Don't worry, I discovered the hair straightener exactly one year later (thank you Emily H) so I did not spend my entire freshman year in college with poofy hair. Yeesh.

Also! A great friend of mine celebrated her 5-year anniversary a few weeks ago so here's a tribute to her! Leslie is the beautiful bride, and Julie is the beautiful bridesmaid (does she look familiar? Look up!).

Whew! Enough pictures! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Heather said...

I get the same way when i am around my friends 6 mo old. I have TONS of pics of her.

Hope the sneezing gets better.

Nick, Aubrey, Ella, and Kate said...

So glad you're back! I missed you, lovely. :) I hear you on the paparazzi-style photos. I take waaaaaaay too many pictures of my girlies. Did I just SAY THAT?!

Jax said...

Glad you had fun!! I know what you mean about the sans s/o on trips.. When something funny happens on my work trips, I text Eric and Im sure he thinks I'm crazy. But he plays along and acts like it's funny to him too. :) The pics are awesome!! And glad you got to have a super relaxing time!

I need to post for WBW! :) I found the straightener before I found volumizing shampoo. Only now do I realize the two really are a team for my fine thin hair.

(and you're not allowed to call yourself the paparazzi with 400 photos b/c that makes me feel like I need intervention for 1400 photos on vacay.. lol!)

Cari said...

Cute fam Mere! And your idea of a relaxing vacay sounds amazing. Rather than doing something smart like that we've spent the past four days dragging ourselves on seven mile walks through hot, muggy cities. Four more days to go. Umm new plan next summer :) Anyhow, love the pics! Little Evan is a heartbreaker.

Julie Caroline said...

Wow, could have had waaaay worse pictures posted so thanks. Miss you!

Jax said...

YAY! Got your comment! We will definitely have to dinner or lunch or whatever!!! :) I dunno the plan with Nasty Car yet...haha.. but will report back when I'm for sure when we're coming! :) (first weekend in Nov, I think, but not sure about the details). :)


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