Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Your Normal Dinner Convo

As soon as Michael walked through the door Friday evening we loaded up the car and drove to Fort Smith to spend the weekend with my parents. I can't remember the last time we visited and it was definitely time. As we got closer I became more and more excited, to the point that I was singing and dancing on the final leg of the trip. (This was also to keep myself up, as it was late and dark. And my companion was nodding off at a very fast rate.) There is something so wonderful about visiting the place you grew up. It doesn't mean I want to move back (I always see a slight panic in Michael's eyes every time I point out a favorite place), but it does make me realize I had a great childhood in a fantastic place.

Saturday was spent looking at granite and backsplash with my mom (they are about to re-do their kitchen) and then driving all over Fort Smith to check out venues for our reunion. We also stopped by Southside (high school) and I was blown away by all of the updates. Fellow SHSers, go by and check it out. New windows, new landscaping, new parking lots, new $18k modern structure that doesn't really fit in with the whole "high school" theme but still looks pretty neat.

We played a somewhat friendly game of Trivial Pursuit Saturday evening and the parents ended up winning. BARELY. Michael was the shining star on our team. I refuse to go into specific details, but I will say that after the game was over my mom pulled out the globe and gave me an intense geography lesson. Oops.

We drove back last night and made it just in time for Keller's 4th birthday party (Keller is our nephew). Little did we know we would receive a lesson in parenting. We'd just finished dinner and the cupcakes had been served when Keller quietly disappeared. After several minutes we noticed the birthday boy was gone and then heard the toilet flush. "Oh, very well then," I thought, and went back to enjoying my cupcake. And then I heard it. So nonchalant, so typical, so disgusting (especially whilst at the dinner table). "Keller, did you poop? Did you poop, Keller?" Michael and I gave each other horrified looks and then did the only thing we could do... waited for Keller's answer. After a good minute (and 14 more "Did you poop, Keller? Keller did you poop?"), it was determined that yes, he did poop, and the parents were off to take care of business. No one batted an eye, no one put down their cupcake... it was as if they'd simply asked him if he'd gone to the mall. I had an immediate flash-forward of Michael and I saying the same thing to our kids, which led to a full body shudder.

As we were leaving, Michael's mom tried to send us home with some cupcakes but for the first time in my life I said no. For some reason they no longer sounded appetizing.


Amber said...

lol. Oh, the joys. You just wait. It's awesome going to the store, looking down and realizing you have baby poop all over your nice, white shirt. If you think you are ready for kids, think about if you could handle that :)

Jax said...

LOL! Love it...I am definitely not ready for mini me's.. Hooray for your reunion! :)

PS.. I emailed our recruiter in Dallas before I left the office on Friday and haven't heard back. But, I looked at the job board online and there's nothing interesting.. That said, if the recruiter emails me back, something could open up within a few weeks! You just never know around our place b/c we're so big. :)

Erin said...

OMG that is soo funny! It is so crazy the things that you talk about and it is "normal" when you are parents. It is soo funny hearing you talk about it :):) I am always entertained by your posts.
I am glad you had a great trip back home. I will be asking you for advice when we are planning our reunion in 2011!

Ashley said...

LOL, that is hilarious! Although we don't have kids, we do praise our dogs for going to the bathroom outside "Good potty! Good potty!" haha(even though they are 3, they still get praise, I don't know why..) And almost every time, Lee and I laugh and think to ourselves that we can't believe we're screaming that all over the yard, our neighbors are probably annoyed :)

Nick, Aubrey, Ella, and Kate said...

Dude. If your kids will actually TELL you that they've pooped, it's a big step up from looking in the diaper (barf) or sniffing butts (double barf). I will be HAPPY when we get to that point.

And that is how having kids warps your mind. :)

WhyHiTy said...

coming over the bridge makes me happy. it has since the OU days (i'm sure, as a tulsa kid, you relate).
and ps - kids are icky.

Jennifer said...

Haha Aubrey's comment made me laugh. There was definitely a moment a couple months ago where I thought, "WHO AM I?" as I was holding my baby in the air smelling his butt to see if he was dirty.


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