Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Um, June? Would You Please SLOW DOWN!?

I am a sleepy, sleepy Merd. Michael's parents arrived late Friday night and I tried (unsuccessfully) to stay up late and talk each night. I ended up waving the white flag and left the Haynes family (the originals) to chat amongst themselves. On Saturday and Sunday we watched a lot of soccer and the Olympic qualifiers. I think I know all of the female gymnasts by name. My favorite (her name is Shawn) is almost a foot shorter than me with thigh muscles that are larger than my waist. A bit intimidating. Michael's parents left around 5p and then our small group came over at 6:30. It was a packed weekend!

As most of you know, Michael and I have always been a big fan of twins. And by "big fan of twins" I mean we would like to actually have twins someday. Chances of that are pretty tiny but we think it'd be fantastic. I am addicted to Jon and Kate Plus 8--I talk about the family quite often and always feel happy after I've seen an episode. Michael enjoys it as well. Last night, however, I took it to a new, ridiculous level. After watching an episode I turned to him and said, "I think triplets would be fun!" As soon as I blurted it out I kicked myself in the face. No I didn't but I bet that gymnast could. I think I need to take a break from that crazy family for awhile.

On the way to work this morning we were listening to the radio and a Geiko commercial came on. Michael happily said, "Oh I love that... iguana." I slowly turned to look at him and said, "I'm sorry?" He mumbled that he coudn't remember what the "Geiko animal" was called. Oh dear.

Tonight is "chore=bore night" (named by yours truly). I HATE washing clothes, Michael HATES folding clothes. So we both put it off as long as possible. Together we are a lethal combination. I don't like how he washes clothes and he can barely stand watching me fold my own clothes so don't even think of suggesting he wash and I fold. Not happening. Sidenote: He can fold and pack 438 shirts into one tiny suitcase, I promise you. When I think of my packing style, the words "cram" and "shove" come to mind.

We've made an executive decision that once the baby birds have reached puberty, the bird condominium is coming down. If any of you would like a bird nest let me know.

Anyone else think June flied by?! YIKES!

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Michael said...

Dear Meredith,

I don't believe Geico would appreciate you spelling their company's name incorrectly. HaHa, sweet revenge!

Love, Michael


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