Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby B

Justin and Michelle had an appointment with the doc yesterday. Baby B is doing really well and they actually changed the due date to October 26! Michael and I are excited that we might be an aunt and uncle 5 days sooner than we thought! My birthday is on the same day as my aunt and uncle's anniversary and I think it'd be neat to carry on the tradition. So Justin and Michelle, if you could just move the date up a few more days to October 20, that'd be great. :)

Picture of ultrasound to go HERE. -->
(I am including this as a semi-permanent reminder to Justonian to send me a scanned copy of the ultrasound.)

And for all of you that have asked me, they are not going to find out the sex of the baby. Which is going to force me to call this baby "Evalyn" as a combination of the two possible names. It is not too late to change your minds...

Aunt Merdi


Anonymous said...

FYI...Did you know that your grandmother was named Evelyn?
Love - Mom aka Gramsey

Future Father said...

I actually think Evelyn's a really pretty name, but I think it got voted down as a possibility. So no complaints from me about the temporary nickname! We still call he/she Baby B. :)

Love - Brother aka Dadsey ;)

Meredith and Michael H. said...

should i become merdsie? poor baby B, if he/she has a "lithp" like i did i will become "mudthee." not pretty.

Charly said...

Ba-B (that's a long "a" sound)sent word to me via the umbilicalnet that the rest of the family was nuts and HE was going to spend a lot of quality time with me, the only rational person in the whole family. HE will call me whatever pops into HIS head and I will love it. (actually POPS is not so bad now that I think of it)


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