Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tiger Woods, Eat Your Heart Out...

I am quickly getting accustomed (and possibly addicted) to this 4-hour Friday! Michael and I had full plans of going to the Tulsa Zoo after work but noticed the coupon we received for 2 free tickets is not valid until July. Quick change of plans. Instead we had the Jeep's oil changed, ate at Albert G's BBQ next door while we waited (it's tradition), and went to the Toyota dealership so we could test-drive a Prius. I loved it! It was such a fun car, so many small details that make it so unique. I was ready to sign the dotted line (or at least consider putting myself on the short waiting list that will eventually lead to signing the dotted line) when we were told the waiting period would be at least 5 months. By the time it would be our turn, the Prius would be an '09 and have a different body style, etc. Suddenly, out of nowhere and completely unexpected (and unwanted) comes the schpeel about the Camry hybrid that is uber powerful and uber sleek and what a deal, why would you ever want a Prius when you could be big man on campus and get a Camry? I'm all for paying a bit more for better gas mileage, or getting a great deal and losing a few miles per gallon, but showing me a fancy shmancy car that costs quite a bit more and has dramatically less mpg is not really doing it for me--especially when the point of this new car is to save money. Gah. I test drove the Camry and it was nice but my heart was still with the dark grey Prius. We left with some information and I think we'll wait and see how the '09 does (review-wise) before we add our names to the ever-growing list.

I forgot to mention that on Friday we also went to the Salvation Army to pick up some clothes for the party we attended Saturday night. The theme was "Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes" (Hos? Ho's? I have no idea, but yes, you read that right). Michael's inspiration was Payne Stewart and I wore some workout gear I already had (with stilettos, obvoiusly). We were quite the team.

Once we were at the party we realized we'd taken the dressing up to a whole new level. Most of the girls wore tennis skirts and collared shirts. The guys looked like they'd just left work. I felt a little awkward (what with my stiletto heels and plaid socks) and the site of my husband next to someone wearing normal clothes was pretty damn funny. Luckily the group grew and several late attendees arrived with the same gusto as us. One of our friends had the same inspiration as Michael. :)

It was a great party and we left around 12:30 to get our "4th meal" at Taco Bell. That place is fantastic in the day but it is sheer heaven at night (minus the lady who worked the drive-through, she was NOT angelic).

Sunday was spent cleaning the house and preparing for our first small group. We are going to meet every other week at our house with several couples around our age. Most of the couples are coming from the Dave Ramsey class but we've extended the invitation to several others (so we can make fun of their spendy ways since they have yet to learn the baby steps to becoming a bazillionaire by age 30. Just kidding.)

Last night I saw Sex and the City with Kaitlin (it was great), tonight Michael and I are going with another couple to the Drillers game (thank you, Samson, for the free "box tickets") and Thursday we're having the Black family over for a barbeque. So as I mentioned before, the 4-hour work day on Friday is fantastic. My energy tank is on empty by the time these weeks end--I need to trade myself in for a hybrid version. Anyone know where I could find one of those?

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Michael said...

That sweater vest smelled like feet. You looked great though!


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