Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthdays, Babies, Birds, and Boy I Love That Song!

It's been quite the week! Yesterday was mom's 39th birthday and I was a bit bummed that I wasn't there to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Anna and Gary came over last night and we cooked burgers and chicken (God bless our little charcoal grill). They discovered a few weeks ago that they are expecting a baby in January! Michael and I realized we have 9 friends/family members that are pregnant. Good Lord!! Anna had been feeling pretty rough all week but she was a trooper last night and we had a fantastic time. They're such a fun couple.

Before they came over Michael mowed our poor, pathetic yard. Funny story--as we were eating dinner last night the doorbell rang and it was a TruGreen guy. He was asking if we'd ever considered service for our lawn and I told him that we were already using them and they'd come out once. I went on to tell him the entire story and then ended with "soooo it's actually the best it's ever looked. Funny, huh?" He mentioned he was driving around and saw our yard so he just HAD to stop and make sure we were doing something to help the poor thing. So sad. And true.

After Michael mowed the yard he cleaned up the MOUNTAIN of poop that continues to accumulate on our front porch thanks to the Von Trap family living in the ever-growing nest. I have been complaining daily about the bird poop AND the fact that the birds love to hear themselves chirp as they fly around our front yard. I think they're calling out to all of their friends, "Move HERE--these idiots don't care! Follow our ridiculously loud voices and join us at beep beep beep W. beep Street!" (Censored on for Michael, Thumbs, myself, and the 84 birds protection.) I feel like we're on the set of a horror film. To make matters worse, they now try to dive bomb all that get close to their nest, which includes anyone that walks to our front door (sorry Anna, Gary, and TruGreen guy). Sigh.

I woke up this morning with a huge grin on my face. Have I mentioned that I adore 4-hour Fridays? Yes, yes I do. We even got an earlier start than usual by leaving at 6:38a, a new record. When we were about 5 minutes from work, I realized I'd left some brochures in the other car. Boo. So I dropped Michael off at work and drove back home. My fabulous Friday had been shat on (sorry, this post is a lot about poop!) but I tried to keep my chin up. As I drove BACK to work, it was like the radio gods knew exactly what I needed: Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. It is one of the top 5 greatest songs of all time. I love songs you can snap to and this masterpiece actually INCLUDES snapping sounds--brilliant! If everyone heard it as they drove to work there would be world peace. And Barack Obama would be elected president in the fall.

Michael's parents come in this evening!! Should be a fantastic weekend!

Why did he have to turn into such a creeper? I still love him..

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Nick, Aubrey, & Ella Mae said...

LOL! Loved the MJ video. Ella and I had to watch it all the way through. She danced and I snapped along.

My last post also contained a lot of info about poop. Must be in the air...and in diapers...and on your porch. :(


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