Friday, May 23, 2008

Thumbs, Birds, and Turtles (oh my...)

We have created a monster. The weather was beautiful the other day so Thumbs and I played on the driveway while Michael mowed our hideous excuse for a yard. I thought it'd be good for the massive feline to get some fresh air but little did I know she would fall in love with the great outdoors. Michael and I now have to be extra careful when we open the front or back doors because she is quite the escape artist. Yes folks, Thumbs has actually used her legs for more than pillows. Last night we were watching tv and heard pitiful meows and an occasional tap-tap-tapping on our door. (Rap-rap-rapping? But we don't have a chamber door...) I look up to see her impatiently waiting at the front entrance with her paw frozen on the door. What have I done?!

I took her out for a bit yesterday and got some cute pictures (we love our new camera):

Her face in the picture below is hilarious!!

We also have new housemates. I find it quite rude that they didn't call and ask before they added another square foot to our home but I suppose it will help when it's time to sell ($100 a square foot, right?)! We don't mind the nest but we DO mind the mess they leave on our front patio. I took a picture of it but realized you are creative enough to visualize it yourself. I want to keep this blog G-rated.

Since we're on an animal kick, Michael and I found this turtle especially funny at the North Park Mall in Dallas. All of his friends were by the heat lamp and he was in his own world with his feet hanging off into the water. Have I mentioned that Michael and I have discussed getting a turtle? We both love them and it'd be nice to have a pet that actually moves slower than Thumbs.... we hope.

And to end this post, we finally found a toy that Thumbs enjoys. It's a mini soccer ball--Michael is so proud. :) I came in this morning to find her nesting on the soccer ball and tried to get her to actually play with it. She'd paw at it for a second and then stretch, kick it a bit and then yawn. Soooo active, I tell you. She eventually left it for a piece of paper....

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you! Justin and Michelle arrive tonight and I cannot wait to see them!!

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