Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm An Idiot

Michael and I began summer hours last Tuesday, which means we work from 7a-4:30p Monday through Thursday and 7-11a on Friday (woohoo)! Considering I used to wake up at 7:15a when we lived at the apartments, it is going to take some time to adjust to the 6a alarm. But! All I have to do is think about the 4-hour work day on Friday and I suddenly find the extra energy to keep it up. :)

A few days this week I brought my makeup to work and put it on at my desk. It only takes about 5 minutes but that is 5 extra minutes of beautiful, treasured sleep. I drive to work each day, drop off Michael at Samson and then keep the car at the church in case I need to run errands. As I got out of my car I reached to the backseat for my makeup bag. Aaaand it wasn't there. Now I've never been one to wear a ton of makeup but it is my security face blanket so my self-confidence plummeted as I drug my naked, sleepy eyes into work. I halfway think I could have pulled it off without anyone noticing but every time someone walked in the door I immediately blurted out, "I forgot to put on makeup this morning! I'm so embarrassed (touches face, darts eyes, fake cough)!" Atrocious.

Picked Michael up at 11a, we actually cheered in the car as we drove home for the day while others were just beginning to contemplate lunch. We had a simple lunch and then I headed to the pool. My first big swim of 2008. I don't have terrible body issues but I am always TERRIFIED the first time I lay out each summer. My appendages have been covered for many months and I'm very aware that a 2-piece bathing suit leaves little to the imagination (and no, dad, I'm not switching to a 1-piece turtleneck-style swimsuit, thank you very much). I get to the pool, sit down, and start putting on my sunscreen. In August, I take my coverup off as I'm walking to my chair, but in May I put on the suncreen with my coverup still on (like I said, first time is a wee bit intimidating). I also forgot the cardinal rule that my friend Emily shared with me once: put sunscreen on BEFORE you put on your bathing suit. I am now sporting THE most ridiculous burn. I look like I have a red birthmark on both shoulders that is a painful reminder of my lack of skill when it comes to applying sunscreen. The tops of my legs are also red because I chose to wear shorts as I applied the sunscreen to my legs. STUPID! But the worst is my face. I use an spf 15 face lotion every morning (that I actually BRAG about to people: "I wear spf on my face because I care about my skin") so I didn't think I would need to put on anything else. Well apparently SPF stands for "Stupid, Pathetic Farce" because my face is FRIED! Good thing I wore my uber huge sunglasses so I am now a member of the raccoon family. Gah.

Even though I began the day with no makeup and ended the day with a red face, I consider my first half-day Friday an enormous success. It is Saturday evening and I keep thinking it should be Sunday. What a great feeling when I realize I still have another full day of the glorious weekend.

Tonite Michael and I read outside for a bit since the weather was so nice. Thumbs joined us and was acting a little sassy. She kept going to the side of the patio and hunching down. I thought she was trying to eat the grass and kept shooing her away but she kept going back to that spot. I looked at her eyes and noticed they were concentrated on one very specific thing so I followed the stare and looked north. Calmly sitting in our neighbor's window was a cat. It was one of those blurred windows (I'm guessing their bathroom) so you couldn't tell much but it was definitely the outline of a cat. It was so funny, they had quite the stare-down before the other cat got bored and left. As soon as she/he took off, Thumbs became brave and started walking towards the window. That's my kind of kid, wait until there is NO chance of a fight and then exert authority. I took a few pictures but unfortunately the other feline had left the premises by the time I grabbed my camera.

Yikes, another long post from me. 2 quick things. I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Kait this morning and we found a beautiful dress! I know she is excited to have one more item to check off the grand wedding list. It was fun catching up with her. And last, Michael and I are attempting to turn over a new leaf. We have replaced twinkies with bananas, cookies with apples, chips with pears... you get the point. Anywho, here is our new centerpiece. Taste the rainbow:


J.B. said...

Did the forehead crinkle make it out alright?

I hope you get to feeling better from your sunburn - never a fun way to start off the summer, no matter how much of a tradition it is for some of us!

J.B. and Michelle

Nick, Aubrey, & Ella Mae said...

That Thumbs cracks me up. Mattie has the exact same type of after-the-danger-has-passed bravado. It is too funny that our feline children are so much like US. :)

P.S. Soak up the sun NOW, you patchily-bronzed goddess you. I realized at our sojourn to the pool yesterday that my days of basking in the rays are on hold for another 10-15 years while I chase around my water babies.

Craig said...

Thanks for the shout out a few posts back. Although it did make me feel guilty for reading the blog instead of studying...oh well. By the way, Jessie LOVES manatees. Good times. Ok, back to property law...

Michael said...

I don't think we'll ever own that much fruit at one time ever again.


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