Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No Really, The Grass IS Greener On The Other Side...

2 posts in 2 days--I believe that is a record!

I actually went to Sonic yesterday and picked up an order (er... two) of the macaroni bites. First order was delicious. Second order made me realize that even fried goodness has its limits. I might have to wait a week or so before I return.

This past weekend Michael and I went with his friends to an O.A.R. concert. I wasn't super excited about going but I actually had a really fun time. His work friends are great and so friendly to me. I sometimes wonder if that is because I'm so much older than them and I remind them of their mom. Yikes! We went to McNellies and had a few drinks before we went to the concert. The girls wanted to take an "easy shot" so I dug back to my college memory bank and pulled out what I remembered to be quite easy and quite tasty: the kamikaze. Well folks, I was WRONG. It was not good and I received several looks of, "last time we trust YOU again, mom."

Since this is my blog, I'd like to make two rants. I'll keep them short and sweet. The first: Our yard looks like crap. We are not sure if we have dead sod or what (a lawn professional is coming by tomorrow to see if the sod is still on life support or if we indeed need to call the time of death) but it is by far the worst yard on the block. If you squint your eyes and stand back 100 feet or so, it looks like we have a somewhat green yard. And then you walk closer and realize all of that green? Yea, it's all weeds. Apparently sod is not under warranty so if it is indeed dead, we are in charge of re-seeding it. I find that a little hard to accept since we closed on this home in January--dormant season--and if it died, it died long before we took over. Hold your breath people, this is not pretty...

Even Thumbs wouldn't step foot in our yard. (Can you blame her? The girl has standards...)

And here are some pictures of the backyard. It is CLEARLY impossible to tell where our yard ends and our neighbors yards begin. :)

What we do NOT have in our front yard is a horrid, ridiculous contraption that reminds me of my darkest days. Yes, my friends, I am referring to Gigantor, aka the Jenks trash can. I could fit 4 Michaels, 6 Merediths, or even 2 Thumbs in this beast. And for some unknown reason all of our neighbors think it adds to their property value--they will NOT put the thing out of site. I've already read through our neighborhood covenant TWICE trying to find the rule of "you must keep Gigantor from showing his face" but have yet to come across it. Normally my non-confrontational self would have put an anonymous note in each of their mailboxes letting them know their laziness and lack of pride was astounding but Lord knows I have no right to complain at the moment.

Rant is over. Will keep you posted on our "mostly dead" sod (thank you, Princess Bride).

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