Friday, March 28, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Folks, it is SOCLOSE (see, no separation between the words, that is HOW close we are talking...) to April. The weather is still acting a bit iffy but it is definitely getting warmer. In honor of this great season of Spring, I've decided to discuss a few of my "favorite things" at the moment.

I'm not a huge Hall & Oates person, but for the past 10 years (or so) I have LOVED this song. The video is pretty hilarious, but I thought it would be fun for you to listen to the song while you are reading my favorite things. If you finish this post and don't have some semblance of a smile on your face, you might want to get your head checked.

(In no particular order):

1. My grey converse shoes. I had a pair of converse shoes when I was much younger but they were hot pink (one of my only hot pink items to date) and were the high-top version. I told Michael a few months ago that I was wanting to buy a pair but couldn't think of a reason. Then! I planned a trip to Boston and was in dire need of walking shoes. Bingo! I picked them up and wore them the entire time I was in Beantown. Not only did they keep my feet warm, but they also kept a smile on my face.

2. Lemonade. I have one rule about lemonade: I won't drink it in the winter. However, it is my life-force in the spring and summer. I can't get enough of the stuff! I picked up a pack of this Countrytime Lite lemonade last week--there are 40 servings per container and I'm already about out. Only has 35 calories, half the sugar, AND it's 99% water! It doesn't get any better than that!

3. Workers at Taco Bell/Blockbuster in Jenks. Ok, we all know that I adore Taco Bell. It is right up there with Michael and my family (small, unfunny joke). Anywho, I've noticed when I go to the Taco Bell in Jenks (Main Street), they are SO NICE to you. They ask you how your day has been and genuinely sound interested in your response. And, when I return the greeting and ask how THEIR day is, they always say something positive. Who does that? Good management, I say. The same is true with Blockbuster. Everytime Michael or I walk in the door they always greet us. And yes, I know it is a requirement at Blockbuster for employees to say hello but the one we used to go to in Tulsa was more of a grunt. This one actually makes you feel like you're wanted in their store. It's a small store, very cozy, and I like it... a lot.

4. LOST. What were Michael and I thinking by waiting so long to discover the greatness that is LOST? We're almost done with season 1 and have a goal of watching season 2 and 3 before LOST starts up again end of April. Can we do it? Most people would think, "Of course not, that is a ridiculous amount of episodes (approx 55) to watch in such a short time." But we... we are different. We are losers. And we love a challenge, even if said challenge gives the narrator of this blog severe nightmares (if I have one more dream of being deserted on an island with ridiculously good-looking people, I'm not sure what I'll do).

5. Banana Republic tank tops. I love tank top season. Tank tops with jeans, tank tops with shorts... I'm not particular, as long as it involves a tank top. I favor the BR tank tops because they are extra long and don't lose their shape after you've worn them a few hours. If you're a savvy shopper, which I happen to be about 45% of the time, you can get them uber cheap. And since I'm being honest, I've decided my new 'do looks much better in summer clothes than winter clothes (cue eye roll from Justonian).

So there you have it. The song should be ending soon (you ARE listening to it, correct?) so I'll end this post as well. Hooray for spring time and favorite things. Here comes the sun (do do dodo)!

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