Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And Many More....

This is my 50th post on our blog! Well, it is my 49th post since Michael wrote one last year but since we're a couple we shall celebrate as a couple. Unfortunately, 50% of the couple is at home sick.

Yes, Michael E. Haynes is sick. The other day he mentioned he wasn't feeling well, with the same intensity I use when I tell him I have a miniature headache. I didn't pay much attention to it (I know, bad wife) since he seemed so "eh" about it but realized the severity of the sickness when he woke up approx. 843 times to cough, spit, etc. The morning began with him mentioning his throat was closing up (as if it happened every day), which led to me researching the web to find the closest urgent care clinic. We made the trip and discovered that Michael had a mix of horrid allergies and a viral throat infection. The doc gave him some meds and sent him home. After doing everything I could to help him out, I came to work late and spent a great deal of time thinking/worrying about him. When I came home I was exhausted so I took a long nap. Woke up to my sick husband making us dinner. On a scale of 1 to 47, how bad do you think I felt with that one?!

He's feeling better today, but not great. And once again, I would rather be at home taking care of him. Sigh.

On a happier note, we made the decision on Monday to take an entire week off this summer so we could have a 9-day vacation. This vacation will include sleeping, eating, and relaxing. It will not include a plane trip, stress, or the purchase of a wedding gift. I am super excited about our cheap vacation, it is going to be great for us both.

Reasons why April is a great month (brace yourselves for a lot of exclamation marks):

April 6-7: Get to see my parents and Julie, as well as lunch at Rolandos!
April 12-13: Possibly a visit from Karen and Myers!
April 13: Dave Ramsey party at our place! :)
April 20: Michael's and my 6 month wedding anniversary!
April 26: Summer Buerge's wedding weekend!
April 28: Michael's and my 3 year dating anniversary! (He... and well, everyone else think I'm ridiculous for still celebrating this but come on, 3 years! Woohoo!!)

With all of the aforementioned items, I can deal with a few April showers!

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