Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LOST = life

I've never been a huge fan of television. I have a few shows that I enjoy and try not to miss, but I despise an entire evening of television for the same reason I do not enjoy 3 hour movies: I get impatient, my legs start losing feeling (as does my brain), and I just start feeling... worthless.

I have had to put these feelings aside for the past 3 weeks in order to obtain our lofty goal of watching all 3 seasons and 8 episodes from season 4 of Lost by next Thursday. Tonight is the season 3 finale. Michael and I have become my worst fear: Lost junkies. We talk about them on the way to work (on a first name basis, naturally), discuss them via email throughout the day, research Lost theories, discuss our excitement of watching the next episode as we drive home, and then BAM! At precisely 4:30p we are on the couch with Thumbs Magee and our eyes are glued to the television. If only it stopped there (it does for Michael)... I then proceed to go to bed and dream about drowning, guns, and, most recently, cancer. Justin pulled a gun on one of our neighbors, I drove off a bridge and woke up right as I was drowning, and last night I found out Michael had cancer. YEESH! And now I'm wasting a blog talking about it.

Hi, my name is Meredith, and I'm a Lostaholic.

A small part of me is dreading when we do finally catch up--right now when there is a crazy ending we just pop in the next dvd and immediately find out what happens. Having to wait a full week sounds pretty obnoxious. For our own sake, however, it's probably best. It's much healthier for me to talk about "Kate" and be referring to my best friend and not a Lost character.

In other news (yes, fortunately I have other news to discuss), it's been a nice 2 weeks. I went to Fort Smith a few weekends ago to visit the parents, Julie, and attend Leah's shower. It was a very quick visit but I had a great time. I also went to dinner with someone who used to be a labor and delivery nurse. I thought raising kids was terrifying--it sounds like a piece of cake next to birthing them. I'll keep the stories to myself, but I now believe the storylines on Grey's Anatomy (minus the whole "everyone hooks up with everyone" ridiculousness).

This past weekend we had a new member dinner on Friday, dinner with Cari, Aubrey, and Kait on Saturday, and a Dave Ramsey party on Sunday. We recently bought a charcoal grill and I learned Sunday evening that Michael can make a mean burg and hot dog. We had about 18 people over--we all decided we needed a breather after 13 weeks of learning about mutual funds, mortgages, etc.. I'm hoping we'll form a small group out of some of the couples, there are several that Michael and I really connect with and I'd love to continue hanging out with them.

Last night was the Feist concert and I ended up not going. I had one of those headaches all day yesterday where you see spots (probably from 456+ hours of watching television) and the thought of going to a very crowded and very loud place made me see even more spots. Cari was very gracious and found someone to take my ticket. I'm sure I missed a good one.

Michael is feeling better, still Coughy McCougherson but improves a bit more each day. He has his TU soccer alumnae weekend this Saturday so mom is coming up to join me for the day. Last year I went and watched him play and felt incredibly awkward. There were tons of wives there but they each had multiple youngsters tagging along. None of them seemed interested in talking to me and I can't say I felt differently. Michael politely told me that I did not need to go this year and I think we both breathed a sigh of relief when I decided to pass. :)

Aaaand I think that is about it from me. Happy Tax day!

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