Monday, March 3, 2008

Am I Invisible?!

Well it finally happened. After several months of avoiding it, I came down with something last week. I started feeling kind of crappy Tuesday afternoon so I layed down on a pew in the sanctuary (now how many people can say they have THAT opportunity at work?). After a few minutes I realized it wasn't going to get any better so I drove home. Won't go into details but it wasn't a pleasant evening. I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday and recovered from whatever bug it was that hit me. As much as I would have loved a 5-day weekend, I decided it was in my best interest to come back to work on Friday and it was then that I discovered something about myself: I'm not the first thing/person that crosses everyone's mind. In fact, I might be dead last, AFTER paying the bills and taking out the trash. NO ONE except my boss even knew I was gone. 2.5 days of sickness! I wasn't expecting a "welcome back" banner or flowers but perhaps a few emails or phone calls of well-wishing. NOTHING!!! What makes this puny attempt at sympathy an absolute tragedy is that I had a few deadlines at work that I assumed had been completed (since apparently I thought they would call an all-staff meeting to make everyone aware of my temporary absence) but no one knew I was gone so nothing was done. I had a ton of phone calls, emails, etc. of desperate people wanting to know where I was and why they hadn't received this or that. The only thing worse than being sick is coming back to work and being bombarded with frustrated church and staff members. It was all I could do to not walk right back out and head home again! Anywho, after 5 minutes of just staring off into space and wondering about my worth (or lack thereof) on God's green earth, I got back to work and completed 3 days of work in 1 day. I was pretty proud of myself and it somewhat made up for the humongous pity party that happened that morning (and has somewhat continued on this post).

That night we went to a tiny Mexican restaurant on Main Street with Kait and Steve. I misunderstood the menu and ended up ordering 1 tiny soft taco--I thought it was "dinner for one" but it actually meant one item. The entire plate had a 5-inch diameter and I left the restaurant with a very hungry stomach. We went to Marble Slab and picked up dessert (the Mexican restaurant closed at 8p and did not have any dessert--what?!) and then came back to our house to play some Guitar Hero and Tiger Woods golf. It was fun catching up with them and we all agreed that we would not be returning to said Mexican restaurant.

Michael and I decided we'd start our other New Year's resolution 2 months (to the day) late. We exercised on Saturday. Both of us left with high hopes and came back with high blood pressure. Who knew we could both get out of shape so fast! I am going to make a workout calendar for us and buy some stickers to put on the days we actually work out. Sounds juvenile but I will run to great lengths for a sticker. Perhaps I'll even go crazy and get scratch n' sniffs.

Saturday after the ridiculous attempt to exercise, Michael and I went to dinner with Garrett and Tara. Michael and Garrett work together and the 4 of us met at Lola's for some delicious food. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon! Garrett lived and worked in Dallas after college so we swapped stories of good places to eat and shop. I'm already looking forward to our next trip to Dallas!

That's about it! Michael has yet to get sick and is feeling pretty good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can avoid what has now been labeled an "epidemic." Yeesh.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Merdy,

This comment only touches on a very small part of your blog, the invisibility part. Only after I got home did I realize that both you and Michael are invisible. Let me explain. It appears (at home at least) that their is a great photo of both you and Michael on this blog page in the right column. I saw it at home but it is not seen on your site when viewed here at work. The reason: get ready for this....FaceBook is blocked by the Arkansas Department of Education. Not only is the site blocked but anything that contains the term facebook is blocked. Guess what the name of that lovely photo is? I am looking forward to "seeing" both of you in the very near future. I am determined to break down the visibility barrier!

Love, DAD :)


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