Friday, March 14, 2008

Rain Rhymes With Pain (in my....)

Yikes! I just realized my last post was almost 2 weeks ago! Time flies when you're busy every weekend...

Where to begin...?

Since late last year, Leslie had been planning a trip to Boston for a conference. We'd all talked about me going as well and having a trifecta reunion. And then we bought a house. And then we purchased furniture for the house. And then I lied to Julie and told her I couldn't afford to go. I think I bought my ticket January 1 and was so proud of Leslie and myself for keeping it a secret for over 2 months!! I drove to Shawnee Thursday night and then Leslie and I both drove to OKC Friday morning for our flight to Boston. Had a great time catching up with Leslie and we were both giddy (literally) with excitement over our surprise! Saw Julie at the airport and we all decided the months of silence was well worth it! Julie's best friend Kristen (who apparently is my long-lost twin) joined us throughout the weekend. She is the unfamiliar face in the pictures below!

We had a fabulous time in Boston. Friday night and all day Saturday was easily the ugliest weather I have ever experienced in my 25 years of living. Cold, rainy, miserable. We still had a blast. We ate a light dinner on Friday, had a fantastic martini at this neat martini bar and then went to one of Julie's favorite bars that reminded me a lot of Tulsa bars. Very laidback, very non-pretentious (my favorite). Afterwards, we went back to Julie's apartment and she and I stayed up until 3a or so catching up. It was great and I don't think I moved once when I finally went to sleep.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at a little restaurant in a bookstore and I had a $15 omelet. Can you believe it?! And yes, it was the best omelet I've ever had in my life, although I have a hard time understanding why they felt the need to charge $2.25 for avocado. Last time I checked it was not an endangered fruit. Come on! After breakfast we toured a bit of Boston and then headed to the ICA, which is a modern art museum. It was insane. I was thinking, "Oh modern art, I hope to see some Kandinskys!" No, this was the modern art where you feel like you need to be in a drug-induced state to even understand what's going on (since i'm fairly sure the artists were in that same state when they created this so-called "art"). We had a great time looking at the architecture of the building but were completely hopeless when it came to actually understanding what we were viewing.

After the art museum we went to a seafood place for dinner and then came home and relaxed for a bit. Julie really likes the band, "Kill the Alarm" and they were opening for another band at a nearby bar so we went there Saturday evening. Don't worry, the name of the band does not reflect the music--no death metal, etc. Another fun evening!

Sunday we awoke to something glorious: the sun! It was still windy but it is crazy how you feel invincible when the sun is out. It could have been -45 degrees and I would have been fine! We spent most of Sunday shopping and I found some great things. We also visited the Harvard campus and I felt right at home (riiiight). :) We ate dinner at a cute Italian restaurant that night and then I went to bed relatively early. Monday was spent in the airport or on an airplane. Long delays, long flights, loooong day.

It was so great to see Michael on Monday but I believe I was awake for a grand total of 25 minutes once I got home. Mom came to Tulsa on Tuesday to see the musical "Rent." We had some freetime before the show so we poked around Utica Square and ate at Bourbon Street. It was also Michelle's birthday so I gave her a call to wish her the happiest of days. The show was FABULOUS! I'm not sure mom felt the same way but I adored it. Want to see it again. The music was fantastic, some of the best I've ever heard. All in all--5 stars from this gal.

It turns out, lo and behold, I am NOT capable of going and going and going without suffering repercussions. I got hit with the sick bug again. I was afraid it was strep but I've diagnosed myself (as of last night) with having a terrible cold. Congestion, sore throat, coughing, runny nose, yech. This is great news considering I'm leaving in about 30 minutes to drive to StL to visit Melissa and a BABY! Anyone have a doctor's mask? :) I've been drinking plenty of water and just took a sudafed. We'll see how it goes.

I realize this is a long post but I still feel like I blew through everything. Should have been twice as long but I don't have the energy and I don't think anyone has the patience. Really looking forward to seeing the Brannans and holding Maddi (I'm also terrified, but excitement overrides nerves).

Happy early St. Patrick's Day! I love any chance to wear green. :)


J.B. said...

Hey Meredith,

Yeah, I feel your pain - I ended up catching a similar bug the same night. Gee, maybe we're long-lost siblings or something... I'm feeling better today, though - hopefully you're improving as well.

Speaking of long-lost siblings, when you referenced Julie's friend, I thought you meant that you just got along well, but then I saw the pictures. Uncanny!

See y'all soon!

Jules said...

Come baaack! The weather is beautiful now!!


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