Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Cat Could Beat Up Your $50k Dog...

I watched the Westminster dog show today and it made me so grateful for my overweight pal. She might not have the shiniest coat or papers that date back to prehistoric times, but she's fat and fabulous and I'm crazy about her. Michael and I are both in our office and about 10 minutes ago I looked up to see that Thumbs was not so happy with our fish screensaver... :)

I figured if I was posting one picture I might as well dedicate this entire post to our favorite feline. We're not having kids anytime soon so these are the best "kid pictures" you're going to get from us for a while!

When Michael and I were moving in, we found Thumbs in the strangest positions. She absolutely LOVED this suitcase, so we left it there for some time:

She's quite the jumper!

All cuddled up with Michael's workout shorts:

Her "hiding spot" in the sun under the rocking chair:

I love holding her in my lap like this. She tolerates it pretty well:

"I know the answer! Pick me, pick me!":

I think I'd just told her she wasn't getting dinner:

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Anonymous said...

I really really really like this last post of Thumbs waiting for dinner. It is great!


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