Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy Town!

I think I've mentioned this before--one of my New Year's resolutions (and the only one I've actually kept) is to read the entire Bible this year. I have a reading schedule and it ends up being about 3-4 chapters every night. What has hit me the hardest is that the people back then are NO better than we are today. As they say in Steel Magnolias, "there are some pretty sick tickets in this town." For so long I've heard how each generation is worse than the one before and how "back in the old days people didn't do this stuff." You hear that enough until you're finally convinced that your own generation is the bruise on an otherwise perfect record of the world's existance. Never again will I believe that! I won't go into details, but read Genesis through Numbers and then you tell me that we're in the middle of a never-before-seen crisis!

We're still enjoying Dave Ramsey and learning a lot. He said something the other night that really hit home. I wrote it down and of course I don't have my book with me when I need it, but it was the concept of being happy in the NOW, and not constantly looking for something else to make you even happier... A kindergartner says she'll be happy when she is in REAL school, and then when she's in real school she decides she will be happy when she's in middle school, and the middle schooler will finally be happy when they can drive, and then the driver will really be happy when she leaves for college, etc. It's a vicious cycle that never ends! I don't think I've used the phrase, "I'll be happy when..." but I KNOW I've thought, "I"ll be satisfied when..." And the point is, you're never going to be satisfied with the next step if you can't be satisfied with the present. For me it was moving to Tulsa, and then marrying Michael, and then buying a house, and then buying stuff for the house... What am I doing to myself? I'm living the dream I've had for so long yet I'm constantly sticking my head out to see what else is out there to make me even MORE satisfied. Jeez, Meredith, grow up!

Kait and I are leaving tomorrow for Summer's bachelorette party in Kansas City. It's going to be a great weekend and I'm excited to see everyone and meet the other bridesmaids. I think the temperature is going to be around -40 all weekend so I'm mentally preparing myself for some blistering weather! My office has a 90-year-old window that might as well be a hole in the wall so whether I wanted to or not I've already physically prepared myself for the cold. I have a pair of warm slippers at work that I'm not embarrassed to use (thanks Michelle and Justin!) and my space heater is less than 6 inches from my feet. Safe? No. Ridiculously warm? Absolutely!

Off to our weekly meetings!

Ps. Barack is doing really well! Hooray! As our 6th graders in j-life would say, "woot."


Anonymous said...

You are too young to be showing such wisdom! I had to reach 50 before I started realizing that I should be satisfied with the "now" (with the exception of that fabulous wedding). It has indeed changed my perspective on everything else!
Love - M

Bubba Geek said...

So, I guess this means you can end your lifelong search for... ...the MINI MUFFINS!!!

-40° is nuthin'. Today it will reach absolute zero in Chicago. All matter will cease motion. It will be a momentous occasion - Einstein would be proud.



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