Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm Hoping for a Truly SUPER Tuesday!

I realize that this is not only my blog but also my darling husband's blog as well. However, he has written 1 out of the 39 posts so I believe I have permission to do this...

Oh that felt good. I am about to go vote for this man and I sincerely hope he does well today. I actually like both Democratic candidates so I'll be ok with either outcome, although I really prefer Barack.

I was raised to believe that talking about politics is a terrible idea but I was in a short (email) conversation today with a Republican and we both called the other party "mean." I respectfully asked him what makes a Democrat "mean" and I have yet to hear back from him--I'm so curious! Perhaps he's saying higher taxes are mean or being pro-choice is mean? I suppose I understand the thought process but if that's the case I find his definition of "mean" very juvenile. What do you think? How is a Democrat mean? Last I checked, giving everyone the chance to have healthcare, bringing soldiers home from battle, and allowing a woman full control of her own body sounded pretty nice! I could go on but I won't. Anywho, I realize I may receive negative comments re. this subject and that is ok--just help me understand. Feel free to even be MEAN with what you say! Haha.

Done with that, moving on. We're having our very first "party" this weekend for one of Michael's work buddies. He is leaving us for New Jersey (yes, New Jersey. I know what you're thinking and I completely agree). Anywho, we're expecting around 15 people to show up and I think it'll be a really good time. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by. :)

That's about all I've got folks. If you're one of the fabulous 24, don't forget to vote today! I don't want to cause you to lean one way or the other but the following is a true statement and should be taken into consideration... :)


Charlie B(rown) said...

Hi Elmo,
1st) The new template, although a tad dark for spring or summer, really makes the photos pop. I like that.
2nd) We have generations of human beings being kept in slavery by all the good government programs in place. We enable indolence by taxing the working to support those that have the government to support their every need. I do not think either party is inherently mean. We just tend to answer to the extremes of both parties. By wanting to do good, we waste not only resources but independent human life both walking and unborn. Was that mean enough?
Love, always, DAD : )

J.B. said...

Hey Sis,

So I don't mean to further push your blogpage in a political direction, but I find your discussion with your Republican friend to be a tad interesting.

You seem quick to point out that his definition of "mean" in how he applies it to the Democratic Party is juvenile. How did you explain your thoughts on the "mean" Republican Party?

I'll have to admit that I agree with Dad on this one - neither political party is inherently mean. They are both striving to improve our country, but the solutions they each try to implement are often based on different (and sometimes hypocritical) philosophies.

Just my 2 cents,

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Republicans are just plain mean!
Love - Mom


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