Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Must-Haves for Holland

The first time Michael and I went to register for baby items we arrived happy and excited... and left totally drained and confused.  Since then, my advice for first-time moms is to take a good girlfriend who has been there/done that and can lead you in the right direction.   Make sure she has had a baby in the last year or else everything has already changed.  When we found out we were expecting Holland I lamented the fact we'd sold/donated everything, to which a friend said, "Whatever you used four years ago has either been recalled or updated so you aren't missing out on much."  True.  So, so true.  :)

This time around we have been very cautious with our purchases.  We didn't register at all and have gotten so many items from Craigslist (stroller, carseat, crib), Facebook groups (snoogle, video camera), or hand-me-downs from the sweetest friends.

That being said, there were a few splurges or gifts I couldn't resist and consider must-haves for Holland...

I've seen the DockATot everywhere for the past year and the reviews have always been amazing.  I only had to hear "My baby finally slept through the night" a few times before I told Michael it was necessary.  The twins were fabulous sleepers and that has been one of my biggest fears with Holland. If she's anything on the outside like she is on the inside, she will never sleep.  Ever.   The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and also perfect for playtime.  We have the Deluxe size, which is for 0-8 months.  It's breathable, all natural, and 100% cotton so the baby is completely safe.  I cannot wait to try it out! And while my favorite is the classic white, they have lots of great covers you can use as well.

Finn + Emma
I love this little shop.  They have the cutest clothes, and wooden/hand-knit toys for babies.  I fell in love with the "Miami Zoo" collection and thought the kimono & pink pants would be perfect for spring.  Their garments are all certified organic cotton and they use non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes.  I also found the sweetest rattle buddy bird that will be great when she's in her carseat.

Milestone Baby
I think these cards came out right after the twins were done with all of their baby milestones.  Lots of friends with younger kiddos posted them on Instagram and I love the idea of capturing a milestone with a picture and also saving the actual card for her baby book. (Just as soon as I start/finish the twins' baby books.  Ahem.)  They have several different design options but I loved the simplicity of the "Over the Moon" cards.  Check out their site - they have free printables that are fun!

Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs
These were lifesavers with the twins so they were at the very top of my list this time around.  Great for nursing, burping (obviously), and I love the large size.  I ordered some off of Amazon because I thought they had the best selection.  I still have one or two burpy bibs from the twins that somehow made it through our donation piles and they're still in amazing shape.

We (Ok, I) have a thing for strange looking animals so when I saw this purple Hedgehog organic muslin swaddle in Austin last month, I was sold.  It's so incredibly soft and lightweight and will definitely be coming to the hospital with us in two weeks!  Total coincidence but one of my friends gave me matching burp cloths and a onesie at my sprinkle so Holland will be covered in hedgehogs all year - I can't wait! :)  So while it may not be a true must-have item, it's definitely one I am really excited about.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wraps
All of that being said about the adorable swaddle above, the SwaddleMe wraps are what we actually used when it's time to sleep.  We received so many muslin swaddles with the twins and they broke out of all of them.  The SwaddleMe velcro swaddles ended up being our saving grace.  Cuteness factor? Not the greatest.  Effectiveness?  Off the charts.

Once she's here and has had a chance to try out the above must-haves, I'll write some follow-up posts and let you know our personal experience!

This post was sponsored by DockATot, Finn + Emma, and Milestone Baby.  My excitement level, however, is completely my own.   So grateful for their generosity!


Susie said...

Such great items! I know you can't wait to use them!

Emily said...

PLEASE blog your experience with DockATop. Our first kid was in a crib, second in the Pack n play, and I keep saying the third (whenever that will be) will cosleep so I want to get an idea of good products for that!

Anonymous said...

Although this was a sponsored post, you sounded completely legit. I could hear your voice through that and I truly appreciate it. I read quite a few blogs and I roll my eyes almost every time you can totally tell it's a "sale" post. This was precious and had great information. Looking forward to the follow up posts.


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