Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Holland's Nursery

With one month to go, the nursery is officially finished!  When I was pregnant with the twins I had a vision from the very beginning and stuck to it.  Holland's room?  Not so much.  The day we found out she was a girl I knew exactly the color scheme I wanted for her nursery: peach, cream, and gold.  Basically, as girly as one can get.  I pinned all sorts of images and couldn't wait to put it all together.

As time went by, the nursery morphed into something completely different.  It all started because I found this rug and fell in love:

Even with the rug I figured I could have it be the one pop of color in a peach/gold dreamland.  Then I remembered we had pretty blue velvet curtains from our last home folded in the hall closet.  But wait, the curtain rods we purchased with those curtains were silver.  And the light fixture we were moving from the twins room to the nursery was also silver.


So now Holland's peach and gold nursery is coral, blue, a tiny hint of peach, and a lot of silver/grey.   Whoops.  Sound a little familiar?

Regardless, I've loved putting her room together and am so proud of how thrifty we've been throughout the process.  90% of her nursery is furniture/items borrowed from another room in our home, the crib was $60 from Craigslist, the artwork above the crib was a floor sample and heavily discounted (from a Colorado Pottery Barn, no less - that was a fun phone call), and almost all purchased items came from Target or Ikea.  I'm one of those who is almost as excited looking at the savings on a receipt as I am about the actual purchase, so allow me this glorious moment of putting together a nursery on a shoestring budget.  The best part?  I don't believe Holland will ever know the difference.

And with that... here's her room!

(Former Office)

(Before the shelves were added - shows off the gorgeous SUNLIGHT!)

(Artwork by the siblings! Top: Sloane | Bottom: Jude)

And now we wait...

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Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

It's so beautiful and I love all that light coming in! And now I'm also feeling a little bit guilty because I still haven't hug the painting in Cara's room (she's 14m)'s just sitting on her bedside table with the Hobby Lobby price tag still in the corner. Sigh.

What a lucky little girl! It'll be so different for everyone but soon you'll wonder how you lived life without her for so long. Sloane will LOVE being big sister and you'll be so grateful for the little helper she'll be. So happy for you. xo Three kids is...busy...but I just love it.


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