Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fashion Sensory - Nordstrom

Last summer I started Fashion Sensory, a series on the blog with fun outfits for both women and kids.  Jude started occupational therapy a year ago for sensory processing disorder and we quickly learned our insurance only covers a small number of visits each year.  We appealed and his therapy center/pediatrician fought his case but they stuck with their decision.  

I felt pretty terrible during the first trimester so the series got put on hold.  My hope is to bring it back as often as I can - I really enjoy it and hope you do too! 

Full disclosure - every outfit below contains an affiliated link(s), which means we are paid a small commission for each purchase made.  This is my personal "fundraiser" to help pay for Jude's therapy, while also sharing my favorite finds with my favorite people!  As if you needed another reason to shop, you now know you're shopping for a great cause.  :)

This week's post includes women's clothing from...
As fun as maternity clothes can be, I didn't include them this time.  I plan on doing a maternity post but am going to hold off a bit on that one!

One of my favorite trends this past year has been off the shoulder tops.  Long sleeve, short sleeve, I love them all.  If you haven't grabbed one yet, here are two options (both come in several colors)!

Add a choker and some distressed skinny jeans for a fun look!  

My other favorite trend of the season is over the knee boots.  I'm pretty particular about them (the look can go Pretty Woman really quickly if you're not careful) but find the right pair and they look amazing with dresses or skinny jeans.   The tunic below paired with your favorite jeans and these boots makes me so incredibly happy.  I also included one of my favorite totes - it's a great catch-all and perfect to carry year-round.

(Free People loves to advertise their tunics as dresses but unless you are 4'11, pants are pretty necessary)

Valentine's Day is around the corner!  Sloane keeps reminding me: "I can't wait for Balentine's Day - it's the day of LOOOOOVE."  Blush/peach is one of my favorite colors to wear and I thought both of these dresses were so pretty.  

If you're not going out but still want to celebrate the "Day of LOOOOOVE," here's two casual options that are still fun and festive (and ON SALE).  I have the tunic and wear it all the time (it's maternity friendly)! 

I found these last two pieces and was curious what you'd think.  Are you into bright/bold or do you stick to navy/black?  I thought both looked striking but I definitely had a clear preference on each.  

The green dress will be packed in my bag when we head to the beach this summer.  I absolutely love it.  I think the navy is classic but I'm all for the bold color on this one.

However, when it comes to the wide leg jumpsuit I prefer the black (although the red is another amazing option for Valentine's Day).  What about you? 

 That's it for this week!  So happy to be back!

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Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you did this again! But I'm sooooo bummed those boots are already sold out. I have been looking for an over the knee option that wasn't too skanky! :)


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