Friday, February 3, 2017

30 Weeks!

There's something about reaching 30 weeks that just makes me breathe a little easier (I do NOT mean in the literal sense as breathing has become increasingly difficult due to this little one taking up so much room). 

Yesterday I had the horrid glucose test.  I ate some cottage cheese as soon as I woke up because I still feel iffy if I delay meals.  I've been dreading this test because I had gestational diabetes with the twins and felt the whole thing was a load of baloney.  I carried almost 14 lbs of babies yet the absolute worst I felt the entire pregnancy was the day I had to do the (second) 4-hour glucose test.  Having a very pregnant lady not eat or drink anything for 12 hours, followed by three separate blood draws... It was the WORST.  I've already decided if/when I flunk the test I took yesterday I'm going to tell them to write a big ol' "Gestational Diabetes" on my chart and not make me take the second test. I have no problem waving the white flag.

I dropped off the kids at MDO, chugged the oh-so-delicious fruit punch syrup, and drove to the doc.  Along with the blood draw I also received the Tdap shot so my poor arm was definitely abused.

Enough bad news, I have some GREAT news!  My doctor asked if I had any concerns and I told her I really missed all of the ultrasounds I had with the twins.  Even though I get to hear her heartbeat at every appointment, I just want to SEE her.  My amazing doctor did a quick check to make sure there was an availability and snuck me in for an ultrasound.  I thanked her a dozen times - it was such a sweet surprise!

The results?  Holland is still very much a girl and looks big & healthy.  I even saw her sweet cheeks, which took up more than half her face.  Besancon women have big babies (my brother and I were 9 & 10 lbs and Jude and Sloane were quite large for twins) so I'm fully expecting Holland to be a bit rotund.  Cannot wait!  We get to meet her in nine weeks and I go back and forth between wishing the time away and holding onto every second I have left with just the twins.

I'll see my doctor every two weeks moving forward.  I'm feeling pretty good for the most part - my legs hurt (I wake up every morning and it feels like I ran a marathon the day before) and my energy is definitely waning, but no other complaints.  The kids have been very independent lately, which has been a huge relief because it's getting harder and harder to pick up, bend down, etc.  I'm carrying pretty high and mostly out front, but I'm definitely one who looks pregnant from the back.  Zero waistline here.

29 Weeks
My best friends from TU visited last weekend and it was so great to see them.  We're scattered across the midwest so these times are few and far between... and always so much fun.  We ate some great food and pampered ourselves with manicures, pedicures, and blowouts. (I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of the 'do when we left the place but it definitely worked in my favor the next day for maternity pictures - thank you, excessive hair spray)!  Lots of coffee and laughs - I miss them terribly.

Up next: Michael and I are going to Austin in a few weeks for a (very) quick babymoon.  We found an adorable house on Airbnb and are so excited to eat allllll the food.  :)

To end this novel, we took some maternity pictures on Sunday!  Marci did an incredible job and it still blows me away to realize the next time she takes our pictures we'll be a family of five.  FIVE.

(Picture overload... you've been warned!!)

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Jenn said...

The picture where you and Sloane are both standing and she's staring up at you, is everything. You girls are so beautiful. It's crazy to think that Holland will be here in a few short weeks.


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