Sunday, October 2, 2016

Number THREE!

Whenever I disappear from this dear blog it's typically because we're up to something big.  I think you could say that this time as well...

We posted the announcement on social media yesterday and the amount of comments that started with "Whaaaaat?" was hilarious.  Surprised?  Yes, so were we.  I'll rewind a bit and tell you about the last few months.

In mid-August, I took the best nap of my life.  I told Michael about it that evening because the kids had to shake me to wake me up.  I was groggy and out of it for a long time afterward.  While I am no stranger to naps (ask anyone), this one was magical.  I didn't think much of it and just chalked it up to having 3-year-old twins who are exhausting in every possible way.

The next few days are foggy.  I honestly don't remember what led me to take a pregnancy test but I remember walking to the bathroom already knowing what it would say.  It took less than three seconds for two lines to pop up.

Regardless, I was absolutely shocked.  I looked at it 10 times.  15 times.  I'd walk away and then come back a minute later to peer at it again.  I started pacing around our house (I do not pace) until Sloane started asking what was wrong with mommy.

When I finally processed the information, I sent Michael a quick text, "Please call when you get a chance."  I waited 30 minutes (actual time: three minutes) before calling him.  I never call him at work so he picked up after the second ring and had to listen to me spew nonsensical garbage before I finally said, "I'm pregnant."  He started laughing and told me he was so excited.  That night he came home with lemonade and Oreos, the two things I craved most with the twins.

Most of you know our story.  Before Jude & Sloane we suffered two miscarriages.  Thanks to one round of clomid, they arrived healthy and happy.  Due to these circumstances, I firmly believed I could never carry a child to term without intervention.  Once I fully embraced our news, I realized the chances of this baby surviving were pretty small. I hoped for the best and expected the worst.

I called my doctor and went in for initial blood tests.  I told Michael I expected my hCG number to be around 300-400 because I knew I was further along than four weeks.  The next day my mom and I loaded up the kids and drove to Waco for a quick overnight trip.  While we were driving I received a call from the nurse.  My progesterone (which has always been very low in the past) was perfect.  And my hCG?  27,000.  I'm sorry, let me say that again.  27,000.  I asked the nurse what that meant and she said I was further along than I thought.  Or....  "Marissa, promise me it's not twins."  "I can't promise you that, Meredith.  You need to prepare yourself..."

One phone call gave me more hope for this child than I ever imagined.  I wouldn't need progesterone supplements and this baby was STRONG.

Michael and I went in for an appointment the next week and saw our singleton.  Yes, JUST ONE.  We asked her to triple check.  It turned out to be a few days older than I originally guessed but we weren't as far along as they assumed based on the high hCG.  We saw the tiny heartbeat and were told to come back in a month.

The differences in this pregnancy and my last are pretty severe.  I've felt gross since six weeks.  My energy is shot and I can only eat bland comfort food (which just so happens to be my favorite food so no complaints there).  Even at 12.5 weeks, I struggle if I don't drink enough water or eat every two hours.  Since I never suffered morning sickness with the twins, I fully expected this pregnancy to be a breeze. NOPE.

A few weeks ago we went back for another check-up and ultrasound.  I was 11 weeks and we saw the cutest little baby bouncing around.  Michael was blown away by the details.  The hands and feet were already perfectly formed - I think he expected to see another white blob on a black background.

My due date is April 14 but we've decided to have a c-section so they will take the baby at 39 weeks - April 6 at 7:30 am to be exact!  We'll find out the gender at 20 weeks and already have a few names we love.

As far as my emotions?  I'm still shocked.  And to be completely honest, I'm terrified.  I've always felt like Jude & Sloane maxed us out so the thought of adding another one to our family... how are we going to do it?  Will I be able to keep up?  Surely I will lose one along the way?!

I'm also thrilled.  Elated.  Grateful & humbled.  A third child is something I've always thought sounded amazing but never believed was in our plan.  But this baby is a fighter.  It's already proven this by surviving against so many odds.  And that?  That makes me want to fight just as hard.

As always, we covet your prayers for a safe and uneventful pregnancy.  While I guarantee I won't be as faithful to this blog as I was with the twins, my hope is I can journal through the pregnancy so this time won't be lost.

2017 is already shaping up to be a pretty great year.  Cheers!


Aubrey said...

I can't stop smiling! This is so awesome! Big love to all FIVE of you!

Emily said...

So many happy thoughts and prayers being sent so way!!!

The Joiners said...

So excited for y'all! And Colby & Clara were born April 5th- early April is a great time to have a baby in my humble opinion, especially because you don't have to be pregnant during the hottest months, hooray! Praying for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!

Leslie said...

One of these days I'll probably stop getting choked up with joy every time I think of this baby, but today is not that day. Love you and your beatiful family!

Mike & Karly said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! So amazing! I follow you on instagram mainly bc of our common bond with twins. We have newly turned 4 twins. We just got the shock of a lifetime of a singletons pregnancy too...loved reading you shock and reaction in that it hit so close to home! We are just a week behind you and the shock is just starting to wear off! So amazing to have these miracle babies. Hope you're feeling better soon and that you have a healthy and safe pregnancy!

Megan Karabon said...

I am so incredibly happy for you and your family! Sending prayers and hugs from WI.

crystal said...

I asked for a blog post with details and you granted my wish! Praying for that strong miracle baby and that all-day-sickness (it's the worst!) to ease up...yesterday. You gave me such sweet advice the other day and I will attempt to do the same. You are such a strong mama. Jude and Sloane are beyond blessed to have you as their mama and now this little new baby will get to experience that too. Remember to give yourself grace (I am taking that to heart as well) each and every day. Draw your strength from the Lord. He has an endless supply (as do twin toddlers...hmmm) You can do this. Sending hugs, happy thoughts and prayers. xo

Sheena said...

Meredith, I'm SO happy for you guys!!! Reading your words takes me back to my own thoughts when I was pregnant with #3 after the twins - what?!, how will I love this one?, how will we do THREE?!...and so many things and really, reality didn't set in until he was born and the love just appeared and now of course we couldn't imagine life without him. It's just so beautiful and Jude and Sloane are going to have so much fun with him/her!! It's one of the best presents they'll ever get! Praying for you guys and that sweet babe!

Sheena said...

PS, I had all the icky-ness with #3 too and zero with the twins! What is up with that?! ;)

Jenn said...

I am so excited for you and Michael! Jude and Sloane too. They are going to be great big siblings. April 6th is my brother's birthday and also the due date for my nephew, so a great day to have a baby. I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy.


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