Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fashion Sensory - GAP

Hey, hey!  I'm back for the third installment of Fashion Sensory.  I'm still not sure about the name but I do like the play on words since I'm talking about fashion sense and Jude's sensory therapy.  :)  Meh, let's consider it a work in progress.

If you missed last week's post, you can CLICK HERE to read what this is all about.  While you're there, check out some great finds from Old Navy or CLICK HERE for great pieces from Nordstrom!

Now let's get to it!  This week I'm featuring...

This is especially exciting because right now they have 40% off almost everything on their site (ends Monday at midnight)! Woohoo!

I think Gap has finally learned they excel with the basics.  You aren't going to find a lot of truly unique pieces but you will find some great staples, which are perfect for building a classic wardrobe.  I walked around the store and found several items I wanted to take home.  What impressed me the most with their current collection is how soft everything feels.  Lots of cotton/linen mixes, which felt amazing.

I have this fitted boyfriend chambray shirt and I wear it with everything.  Skirts, wide-leg pants, shorts, and white jeans.  I also wear it so many different ways... untucked, half-tucked, knotted in the front, you name it.  I still can't bring myself to wear it unbuttoned over a tank because I have flashbacks to sixth grade and I'm just not ready to go there, but you feel free.

Below I've shown three different bottoms to pair with this classic top.  I also own these jeans and they are (by far) my favorite white skinny jeans.  I've tried many that are too thin and others that lose their shape after a few hours. These are perfect!

I love to mix a neutral top with a pop of color bottom so I chose hot pink linen shorts and a neon yellow midi swing skirt for a fun effect.  Either of these would look amazing with this top.  Make sure you roll the sleeves - it is summer, after all!

Fitted Boyfriend Chambray Shirt   |   1969 True Skinny Ankle Jeans  |  Linen Surf Shorts  |  Midi Swing Skirt
(Unfortunately, I don't believe the jeans are on sale...)

For those of you who are always cold (me!) or live in the north where summer lasts two weeks, I included this marled summer sweater.  Pairing a relaxed summer sweater with cuffed shorts and cute sandals or sneakers is my favorite.  Easy and effortless!

The 3/4 sleeve eyelet top is lightweight and so pretty!  Try an all-white look by pairing it with the white jeans above or consider it with the hot pink shorts!  I saw the linen cami dress in the store and fell in love with the color.  It just needs a pendant necklace and some cute sandals.

Baby Gap is one of my favorite places to shop because they are not afraid of color or prints.  And in the summer, I can't get enough of either.  The sleeveless chambray shirt would look adorable with either the plaid bubble shorts or the terry dolphin shorts.  When I was in the store the other day I grabbed the terry shorts immediately - I couldn't help myself!  I begrudgingly put them back but they are the cutest!

These dresses are so easy for summer.   I also love the tie in the front of the second dress - perfect to go with your tied chambray shirt above! ;)

Here are some great tops for your son!  Whether you go with a tee, polo, or button-up, Gap has the best colors!

I also included two different styles of shorts that you can mix and match with the different tops.

I couldn't narrow it down to three so here are FIVE fun items from Nordstrom - all on sale right now (thank you, half-yearly sale)!
Ray-Ban 59mm Aviators  |   Splendid Crossover Back Tank  |  Lush Knit Maxi Dress  |  Tory Burch Sandals  |  Ella Moss Ruffle Cami (just checked and this is no longer on sale! boo!)

Looks like those TB sandals went FAST!  So here's another pair on sale! :)

Disclosure - every outfit above contains an affiliated link(s), which means we are paid a small commission for each purchase made.  This is my personal "fundraiser" to help pay for Jude's therapy, while also sharing my favorite finds with my favorite people!  Thank you so much!


Aubrey said...

I think you need to make these monthly. You are putting too much cute stuff in my face and I haven't budgeted for this much shopping in May! ;) Which is a crappy way to say you're doing an AMAZING job! Hope it's paying off for you, friend!

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