Friday, October 7, 2016

Jude & Sloane's Reactions to #3

There are two things about this pregnancy that make it so much more fun than the last: Jude & Sloane.  Yes, technically they were a part of the last pregnancy but they didn't say too much and were (if I'm being honest) a bit boring.

Michael and I decided to wait until my 11-week appointment before we shared the news with the kids.  Sloane is basically another adult in our house and we didn't want her to have to think through things if this pregnancy wasn't meant to be.  This doesn't mean they were oblivious to the changes happening to me.  Sloane saw my stomach one morning and said, "Mom, you've been eating A LOT of food lately."  When Jude realized it'd grown a bit he immediately wanted to kiss it (this trend has continued and the baby now receives 8-10 kisses at a time from Jude).

Once we were given the green light we did our typical bedtime routine and told them we had some news.  Michael recorded the whole thing and I had an idyllic vision of how it would happen:  I'd share our news and they'd jump on their beds while telling us this was the best day of their lives.  Instead, Sloane immediately furrowed her brow and said, "I want to name her Sloane and we need to build her a crib."  Jude listened intently and immediately changed the subject to Paw Patrol.

Ah yes, exactly how I pictured it.

Since then, they have taken on the roles of big sister and big brother quite nicely.  Sloane constantly asks how the baby is doing and how I'm feeling.  She talks to it often and tells me she's going to be "the best big sister in the whole wide world" (I think she may be right).   Jude has become much more gentle around me and loves to rub my stomach.  He always smiles and says, "It's going to get a whole lot bigger!"  Yes, yes it is.

They both think they have a baby in their bellies.  I'm too tired and they're too young for "the talk" so I'm just letting them think 3/4 of our family is pregnant for now. We'll cross that bridge later. We've only had one "How did it get in there?" and we dodged that bullet like a pro.

I've been a little concerned with the age difference as they will be 4.5 when the baby arrives but I also think it could be great for our family.  I'm also nervous this baby won't have a plus one but then I remember 95% of kids have the same issue and deal with it quite easily.

All in all, it's been a pretty smooth transition so far.  I know this is all a little too abstract for them but my hope is to make it feel as normal and natural as possible.  While the baby is obviously a part of our lives already, my plan is to spend the next 26 weeks reinforcing how special Jude & Sloane are to us.  And if I don't do it enough, I'm quite positive Sloane will remind me.  :)


The Joiners said...

Love this! And I think 4.5 years is a great spread- they will be old enough to actually help and you won't feel like you have 3 babies to take care of :) So happy for y'all!

Aubrey said...

Love their reactions. Such authentic responses from three-year-olds. Kate and Annie are 4.5 years apart and it is amazing! I think you'll love it so much you'll decide to make a +1 for baby number three. ;)

Martha O said...

Aw Meredith, I love reading your blog posts! Please keep them coming....when you get a free minute if ever! You & Michael are such great parents, and do make the sweetest babies! This is going to be a great time for you 5!! This little one will have so much love that "she" will never even
wish for a +1 or think twice about her sibs being 4.5 yrs older.

Emily said...

Aw! My son also used to say he had a baby in his belly and it was one of my favorite things. I never corrected him but I did make a point to say "only mommies can nurse babies" lest there be confusion there haha.
I think 4.5 years is a great age gap. I was 7 and 12 from my sisters and that was far too big. My husband is 17 months from his sister and that was just exhausting on his mom. I love a 3-5 year age gap so this is ideal in my mind!

Angi Williams said...

I love hearing how they reacted. The 4.5 years difference is going to be very special. You will have some really great helpers. They are going to love this baby so much. I can't wait to meet her!! That is my guess! ��

Lauren McDowell said...

Congratulations! My twins had just turned 3 when our third arrived 5 months ago. The twin bond is so special to witness, but get excited, there is nothing better than seeing them with their new sister. One especially is smitten and it makes my heart burst. I also worried about them not having a twin, but now that I see the three of them together, that's not a worry at all. We debated going for a third and starting everything over but experiencing 'just one' is also so special. Plus with the twins older, you'll get more of that experience naturally as they'll be at school. There is something so freeing being able to put the baby in a carrier and go - forget the double stroller!! Prayers for the rest of your pregnancy.

بنت النيل said...
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