Sunday, February 22, 2015

Catching Up

Let's play catch up, with the help of the bullet:
  • I'm afraid 52 Project could be renamed Meredith's Instagram: The Abridged Version
  • I think it's time for another Day in the Life!  I'm not sure how much has changed since the last one I recorded, but I really enjoyed capturing a typical day for Jude & Sloane and would like to do it again.
  • Twin Talk is about to celebrate ONE YEAR - wahoo!  I recently started accepting sponsorships on the blog, which (in my eyes) is a big step!  Speaking of big... Big giveaway coming up.  Big.  HUGE.  Are you following yet (Website | Instagram | Facebook)?  Now is a good time.  :)
  • I taught my first photography class!  My second class is next week and I absolutely love it.  If I could teach one a month I'd be thrilled.  Unfortunately, I don't have that many friends so this may be my final class - ha.  I love watching fellow moms get excited about using their "fancy cameras" to take pictures of their kids. 
  • Jude and Sloane are best friends.  Give the kids a dang necklace already.  I'm amazed how loving they are toward one another. They're also incredibly empathetic.  I know we'll have screaming and yelling one day, but for now they just get along great and it's so refreshing to watch.  He makes her laugh and she loves taking care of him.  
  • That being said, they have plenty of naughty moments.  Neither are afraid to throw a tantrum in the middle of Target (Sloane) or the middle of the parking lot (Jude).  The other day it was both (surround sound - lovely) and the Target lady said, "Well you're having an interesting morning."  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  
  • Jude calls himself Jude and does not have a name for Sloane.  Sloane calls herself "MEEEE!" and calls him Cece.  We have NO idea where she came up with the name Cece but it is equal parts hilarious and weird.  
  • We love McKinney.  Love it.  
  • Today Michael and I completed our first Ikea hack - we hung two curtain wires in Jude & Sloane's playroom and are using them to display their artwork.  A toddler gallery wall if you will.  I will post a picture one day.  My guess is it will be in the next seven months.
I think that's enough for now.  Dear ol' blog, I miss you.  


The Joiners said...

Colby refers to Clara as "Rah-rah" and himself as "ME!" while Clara also refers to him as "Rah-rah" and herself as "Rah-rah"... so it all gets pretty confusing :)

Love reading your updates, regardless of their frequency!

Laura said...

I love Sloane's name for Jude! And I'm happy to hear that you love your new city! If we still lived in Allen, I'm pretty sure we would have definitely planned a few playdates :) And congratulations on the success of Twin Talk!

Aubrey said...

Too many yays and well dones and fist bumps to count! Love it!


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