Sunday, February 22, 2015

52 Project | 8/52

52 Project | Week 8
February 15-21, 2015

Once he was feeling better, Jude and I celebrated Valentine's Day a few days late!

Handsome like his dad!

#judeandsloanessleepjournal had its craziest sleep position yet!
Fun Memory: I was reading a book to Jude and noticed he was saying all sorts of words.  His vocab has really taken off in the last month!  I started listening to the words he was saying and realized he was finishing each sentence for me... before I could get to it.  I decided to test him so I read each sentence/phrase and didn't say the last word.  He happily finished most of them for me.  Way to go, Jude!!!

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Amanda said...

Love your updates!! And I love those tees in the sleeping photo!! Do you sell their b/g matching clothes at all?


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