Sunday, January 25, 2015

52 Project | 4/52

52 Project | Week 4
January 18 - 24, 2015
 All of this in less than 15 seconds.  They are the best!

Jude the (old looking) dude.

Sweet Sloaney

Fun Memory:  Last night we had a last minute triple date with some friends!  Ann Marie, Erika, and I (along with Ashley and Meri) text daily about life with twins but my favorite part of the evening was listening to our husbands recount the early days - what little they could remember.  All three of them had invented (most likely after severe sleep deprivation) some sort of contraption that would make life with newborn twins a little easier.  Too bad we were all too tired to copyright any of the ideas at the time.  The girls have heard each other's stories again and again, but I loved hearing the dads' perspectives.  Such a fun time!


Ashley said...

My husband still tries to "invent" things to make baby raising easier, Haha! He is currently convinced he can make something to make it easier to cut toddler's nails. My husband is many wonderful things, but a handy builder he is not. So I'm always a bit puzzled when he says he is going to make one of these inventions!

Ann Marie said...

I agree!! I loved hearing the guys talk 'twins'!! Now, lets all become millionaires and event some of these...


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