Saturday, January 17, 2015

52 Project | 3/52

52 Project | Week 3
January 11 - 17, 2015

Love, Hugs & Rock 'n' Roll (x2)

They rarely do this anymore so it was such a fun surprise the other night!

Just a boy and his (sister's) stroller.

My sweet baby girl

Fun Memory:  We've all been sick this week.  5/7 days to be exact.  My memories may sound small and insignificant to you, but they were the absolute highlights of my week. 

With Jude:  We found out two spots opened up in an amazing MDO very close to our home.  I was both thrilled and devastated (Jude & Sloane love their current teachers).  I was sitting on the couch, thinking about the switch, and a few tears ran down my face.  Jude walked over to me, gently held my face with his hands, quietly said "Mama," and kissed me. 

With Sloane: Growing up, my family used to "draw faces" (use your finger to trace the other person's facial features).  It's wonderful and so relaxing.  I've done it with Sloane since she was a tiny baby, typically before I kiss her goodnight.  I was tracing her face and quietly saying each feature.  "Eyebrows, eyes, nose, chin, cheeks..."  When I was done, she decided she wanted a turn and started drawing my face.  She carefully traced each feature as she said its name, ending with the "moe" (mole) on my forehead.  :) 


Tessa said...

I absolutely love both those specials moments!!

Susie said...

Brought a tear to my eye!

Nikki said...

Those are both such sweet stories. I hope this week brings better health!


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