Saturday, January 3, 2015

52 Project | 1/52

I recently decided to participate in the 52 Project. The concept is simple… Post a picture each week. Since I'm no longer doing Jude & Sloane's monthly updates (at least that's not the plan), I want to make sure I don't go another two months before my next post. Some weeks I may post one picture, others I may post three. Who knows?! I also plan to include a fun memory from the week to help me remember these precious moments that go by too quickly.

52 Project | Week 1
December 28 - January 3, 2015

Early dinner at Breadwinners - lots of hugs & kisses!

Fun Memory: Tonight we had our very first family movie night and watched Cinderella. We had the fire going and all of us were in our pajamas, snuggled close on the couch. Sloane enjoyed it but got restless toward the end.  Jude was captivated the entire time.


Kristy Blouvet said...

I love this! And i would love to participate as one of my goals is to blog once a week! I am assuming it's open to anyone?

Brianne Bracco said...

What a great idea for the year! I think I may need to do something like this too ;)

Aubrey said...

What a fun idea! Lately I've only blogged about obligatory big events, and I'm feeling like I've lost sight of all the lovely minutiae that makes life with little so rich and rewarding. Wouldn't be the first time I've ripped off one of your ideas, friend, and it most likely won't be the last. :)


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