Friday, August 16, 2013

My Current Favorites

Laura asked: What are your current favorite things? (not necessarily baby/mother things, but just in life) 

Sara said: I am getting a little overwhelmed with all the choices when it comes to baby furniture, bedding and gear. Would you be willing to share where some of your big items came from (cribs/nursery chair) and maybe how you decided on some other baby items (stroller/car seat/swing/bouncer)?  Also, I am currently trying to decide my stance on crib bumpers. Would you be willing to share your thoughts? 

I'm going to split this into two posts, one for the babes and one for me.  Favorites for me is faster and far less controversial (hello crib bumpers!) so I'm going the lazy route and opting to do it first!

Sara, I actually did something similar a few months ago and it answers some of your questions.  Click HERE for my favorites and HERE for baby favorites!

1969 GAP Summer Cut-Offs
I always swore I would never buy cut-offs.  It just seems a little silly, right?  Well I had a gift card and they had a sale and I told myself I'd just try them on for kicks... and 5 minutes later I walked out of the store with a denim pair and an army green pair.   I have worn them pretty much every day all summer long.  The fit is perfection!  Michael really liked them at first but I'm sure the feeling has faded. ("Oh, you're wearing cut-offs!  Again.  For the 7th time this week.  How nice.") 

Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips
I know I mentioned losing the chips in my post on body and exercise but every rule has an exception.  Stacy knew what she was doing.  Buy these.  Devour these.  You're welcome.  (And on a related note, they go extremely well with Sabra Greek Olive Hummus.)

Volcano Candle
You know when you walk into Anthropologie and you feel like everything is right in the world?  It's because of this candle.  Not only does it smell great but it lasts forever and isn't too strong.  When people visit they often comment on how our house smells like Anthro.  So by the transitive property (yeah, I went there),  visiting our house makes you feel like everything is right in the world.  Until you hear the sweet, sweet cries of two 9-month-olds. 

The Sock Bun
I know.  I KNOW.  I am most likely the last blogger/human to jump on this bandwagon.  I ignored it for the longest time because it looked so difficult and I didn't buy the "It only takes 30 seconds" malarchy.  But guess what?  It only takes 30 seconds!   The sock bun alone made me reconsider my decision to cut off 10 inches of my hair.  And every time I cut off 10 inches of my hair I end up in the fetal position asking myself why I made such a terrible decision.  So for everyone's sake, thank you sock bun!

Michael and I are big fans of finding a show we've never seen and watching it from the very beginning (in this case via Amazon Prime Instant Video).  Right after the twins were born we tore through How I Met Your Mother (It was legen - wait for it - dary).  Now we're on season 2 of Parenthood and really enjoy it.  Warning: There are times we're both hiding behind our pillows because of the extreme awkwardness.  We each have a character we relate to and the good news is they're husband/wife on the show (Julia & Joel).  I mean I guess that's good news... we're only in season 2 so maybe that's terrible news?  (I related more to Julia before I had kids.  I realize I am not, nor was I ever, a powerful attorney.  Thank you.)

West Elm Cluster Glass Pendant
I went back and forth on whether I should include this here or in the baby favorites post.  I purchased this pendant for the nursery because I simply thought it looked cool.  Little did I know the babies would LOVE it.  We have a dimmer and keep it turned down low so I don't think it's burning their retinas (fingers crossed).  We never purchased mobiles for their cribs but I think this more than made up for it.  Definitely a win/win for everyone.

Moving Comfort Urban Gym Tight
I became a fan of the Moving Comfort brand when I trained for a half marathon six years ago.  They make the best sports bra in the entire world.  Let me repeat that: in the ENTIRE WORLD.  In my last favorites post I mentioned how much I loved the Lululemon yoga pants.  While they've held up well, I have to revoke my statement.   I'm sure they are perfect for yoga but they are not perfect for moms who spend time on the carpet/rugs/etc.  The fabric picks up everything.  And I vacuum 3+ times a week so I don't think I'm pig-pen.  Anywho.  These tights are so comfortable and keep their shape.  I can roll around on the floor with my babies and they still look great when I stand up!

Next up... Baby Edition!


The Echols Family said...

Love this post! We are big fans of Parenthood in this house, and I relate most to Julia as well. I pretty much always cry by the end of every.single.episode. Great show!

Jenn said...

I always love seeing what other moms are loving. I love your comments about the sock bun and having long hair. I ALWAYS think it's a good idea to cut my hair when it gets long, and then I wind up regretting it for the next two years until I decide to repeat the cycle. Oh, and I haven't tried the sock bun, so you're not the last one.

Our Little Miracles

Leslie said...

Love parenthood, stacy's pita chips, and the Volcano candle. This sock bun business is kind of rocking my world because I constantly see girls with top knots and thing HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?! So now I need to go Google sock bun...

Laura said...

I really like Parenthood too! And love your sock bun! I would totally try it out except I was a dummy and cut my hair off. �� I also bought cut offs this summer!

Susie said...

Love your use of the "transitive property!"


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