Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back To Reality

Today was one of those days where you stop what you're doing and look around because surely to God you are on candid camera and the whole day was one big joke.

But no.  No cameras.

Last night the twins had trouble sleeping, which meant Michael and I had trouble sleeping.  They woke up around 8:30a and weren't their typical cheery selves.  When I put them down for a nap at 10:15, they  squirmed for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep.  I expected them to sleep until at least noon, but they woke up at 11:30 and Jude was downright cranky.  I've never seen/heard him cry like that.  He was so tired he would stop crying to yawn and then continue crying.  I had a coffee date with some old co-workers so I strapped Jude & Sloane in their carseats and we took off for Starbucks.  I just knew they would sleep in the car.

They did not sleep.  At all.

It was great to see my friends but I was a nervous wreck the entire time because Jude was a wee bit noisy.  I tried holding him, feeding him, rocking him, etc., to no avail.  My friend finally picked him up and he quieted down immediately.  How's that for making you feel like mom of the year?  I put my pride aside and was just grateful he was happy.

Once I left Starbucks he fell asleep immediately but Sloane cried the entire drive home.  Many have asked me if it is terrible when two babies cry at once.  No, it is terrible when two babies take turns crying.

Fast forward to later this afternoon, when I decided to make sweet potatoes for the babes.  I baked two large potatoes that smelled delicious.  And then I cut into them and one had spoiled (we'd had them for three days--thanks a lot, Target).  I tossed the bad one and continued on with the good one.  Instead of adding water I added whole milk yogurt.  This was my first experience with yogurt and can I just tell you the food looked BEAUTIFUL.  Perfect consistency, perfect smell, toot toot tooting my own horn.

I presented it to the kiddos.  Sloane looked at me as if something had died in her mouth.  Jude started gagging immediately.  I gave each of them another bite.  Sloane now looked like she would've preferred something dying in her mouth.  Jude continued to gag.  What was going on?  All of my friends kids LOVE yogurt!  As I was giving Sloane her third bite, Jude barfed.  There is no other word for it.  Jude barfed.  And barfed.  And BARFED.  I have never seen so much vomit.  I froze.  Sloane stared.  He cried.  I ran to get some paper towels, only to remember we don't currently have paper towels.  So I ran upstairs and grabbed the wipes from the nursery.  I cleaned Jude and his high chair as much as possible and then made oatmeal instead (as I sadly looked at the 16 ounces of untouched baby food).

Poor Jude smelled putrid so I decided it was time for a bath.  I texted Michael to see where he was and received a one-word reply: Traffic.  Dangit.  Took both kids upstairs and started the bath for Jude.  As I was undressing him in the bathroom I realized he had a dirty diaper so I took him and his diaper to the nursery.  I put him on the changing table and then remembered the wipes were now downstairs.  I think by this point I could hear sirens going off in my head and smoke was most definitely coming out of my ears.

I'd actually dressed up and fixed my hair this morning since I was meeting my friends.  I always get a little excited on these days because Michael gets to see me in something other than gym shorts and a t-shirt.  Jude makes the bath his very own wave-pool so my cute outfit was replaced by gym shorts and a t-shirt.  Curled hair was pulled back into a ponytail.  I gave Jude a bath (Sloane stood next to me the entire time) and then I collapsed on the nursery floor. 

Five minutes later Michael came home and knew immediately my day had been less than stellar.  I told him what had happened and ended with, "And I'd really wanted to look pretty for you but now I'm wearing this (gestures to outfit with sad face)."  He gave me a big hug and told me I always looked pretty to him and then he nonchalantly pulled something out of my hair.  It was a piece of banana.

I'd fed the twins bananas for one of their meals.



Laura said...

Oh man! Sounds so crazy and stressful. I hope everyone gets really extra good sleep tonight and wakes up refreshed and happy in the morning!

Katie said...

These are the days you don't imagine when you're pregnant! But they're also the days that make the good days that much better :) Hoping everyone sleeps well tonight & naps long tomorrow!

Leslie said...

What a doozie! The banana bit just puts it over the top! Those days are so so hard. And yet they're also the ones that I look back on and laugh because in hindsight they're so ridiculous! At least they make for great blog posts!

Kaitlin said...

Oh man, sounds like the day from hell. But I agree with Leslie, it's a day you'll one day look back on and laugh :) Here's to hoping today's a better day!

Melissa Brannan said...

Has it been long enough that it's funny to look back on yet? Living with babies and toddlers is like nothing we've known before. People don't talk about the poop, puke, and hair crusties often enough to prepare someone for their new parent adventure! I LOVED this story, it's honest and real and a good reminder that everyone has "those days"! :)


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