Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Ways Michael and I Are Different

Laura's Writing Suggestion: 10 ways Michael and I are different
I texted Michael yesterday and asked him to think of five examples.  After we put the twins to bed we discussed the day's events and I asked him if he'd come up with anything.  He told me he never had a chance to think about it.  Meanwhile, I'd spent the majority of the day thinking about it.  So there's a perfect example of how we're different.  :)

We came up with the following:

1. He folds his clothes meticulously.  When he packs a suitcase, angels sing.
I "fold" clothes and throw them in a drawer.  Sometimes my shirts are still inside out from the dryer.

2. He wakes up Saturday morning and is excited about a completely open day with no plans.
I wake up Saturday morning and want to discuss everything we're going to do that day.  (Sidenote: I was like this before kids.)

3. He could watch "sports games" on television all day.  Any sport.  Any number of hours.
I call them sports games.  And I can watch one a day--max.

4. He drives fast, whips in and out of lanes, and gets a very mild (ahem) case of road rage quite easily.
I drive five miles over the speed limit, wave to everyone, and don't realize I'm behind the car going 10 under the speed limit until it's way too late. (Sidenote: I was like this before kids.)

5.  He hates fast food (but will eat it).
I ADORE fast food (and I eat it).

6. He is the most amazing gift giver.  If I casually point to a watch in a magazine and say, "That's pretty," it will be my birthday gift seven months later.  That actually happened.
I am a terrible gift giver.  Absolutely terrible. 

7. He doesn't mind grocery shopping, which means he makes the weekly Target runs.
I loathe grocery shopping.  I'm always freezing and I have "aisle rage" (if there is such a thing).  I also pick the slowest check-out line.  Every. Single. Time.

8.  He loves four hour movies.  If they made five hour movies I'm sure he would love those too.
My limit is two hours.  If you can't tell a story in 120 minutes, you're wasting my time.

9.  He is an extreme collector.  Books, comics, you name it.  This can be dangerous.
I am an extreme purger.  I throw away everything.  This can be dangerous.

10.  He loves the ceiling fan and wants it on all the time.
I'm not a fan (HA!) of the ceiling fan... unless it's time to sleep or I'm 6+ months pregnant.

This was fun!  Thanks so much, Laura!


Rachel DeCarolis said...

Cute! I loved reading this :)

Laura said...

:-) fun answers! Now I will again be thinking about mine and Matt's differences! I laughed at "sports games"!!

Ashley Zercher said...

I love this idea, it will give kevin and I something fun and "out of the norm" to talk about! Also loving the marriage monday thing, so often I blog about the girls life and in a sense, kevin and I get left out (I want to remember our stories too.

(I have no idea why it linked to my google+ the first time haha)

Katie said...

#8...YES! I have very little patience for long movies, and my hubby gets irritated if I'm on the computer or doing something else while I'm supposed to be watching a movie with him. I'm all, HELLO, I'm a woman & a mom...multi-tasking is what I do.

Fun list! Loved this idea :)

The Echols Family said...

There were several items on here that resonated with me...
1. Scott's love for perfect folding (not so much me).
2. HIs love of no plans, and me wanting to maximize our hour/day/weekend....
3. The TV is ALWAYS on some sports game, no matter the season. Even in the few weeks of the year nothing really major is on, he finds something. He'll even resort to wrestling if need be...
4. Long movies are for the birds. I miss when movies were 90 minutes long...that's more my speed.
5. I am also not a "fan" of the fan, and it's Scott's best friend. 2 out of the 4 in our house have remotes. For the lazy fan "fan".

Mollie said...

I love this post! I laughed out loud multiple times!!

Leslie said...

I think the only surprise on this list was that Michael doesn't like fast food! Which reminds me of a question I meant to post for you: if you had to choose one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life (not that you had to eat it every meal, but you could only stop at one forever) which would it be? I feel like I should know your answer to that but I don't! (FIY, I choose Chicfila)

Aubrey said...

Super cute and fun to read! Your intro about how you thought about something all day and Mike never had time...that is pretty much the story of my marriage. Love it!

Amber Massey said...

How fun was this post:) I love this one:) I will be using this idea for future writers block of my own!

I have one.. On the topic of food (duh). What do y'all eat for dinner? Curious on your meal planning during the week! I'm all ears for easy peasy.

ashley said...

I'm a planner too! My hubby is more a fly bye the seat if his pants!! I wish my hubby liked grocery shopping because I dread it haha!!

Kaitlin said...

hah! This made me laugh. Good post :)

Melissa Brannan said...

I forgot how similar we are, and how similar our Michael's are! :) This was fun to read! :)


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