Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jude & Sloane | 8 Months

Sometimes I feel like I copy/paste the opening of Jude & Sloane's monthly updates because it's always the same idea: Time is flying, I am crying, they are growing, we are glowing.  And so on.  However, I can honestly say that this past month did not fly as fast as the others, which is 100% due to the fact that these two were sick a good chunk of it.  They both handle sickness far better than their parents, but it's still heartbreaking to see.  There were a few times I noticed I was praying for time to speed up... just enough for them to get healthy.

Nonetheless, lots of great things happened this month!

Quite a bit has changed this month in regards to food.  When the twins were sick they did not want a bottle.  I'm still not sure if it was because their throats hurt (hand/foot/mouth) or they just wanted the comfort of nursing, but we no longer give them a bottle at the end of the day.  A part of me is relieved (no more pumping!) but I always loved the last meal of the day.  Michael and I would sit next to one another and each give a babe a bottle.  I think it was a special bonding time for all of us and we've unintentionally robbed Michael of it.  On top of their five nursing sessions, they've been eating rice cereal for breakfast (around 9:30a) and a fruit/vegetable for dinner (around 6p).  They tried several new foods this month: sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, pears and apples.  Neither seemed to care for the apples, both seemed to really enjoy the bananas and pears, and the rest were "meh."  They'd eat the food but without much gusto.  I still enjoy making their food and have become BFF with our blender (the blender that we owned for almost six years without using once). 

We've started giving them sippy cups with a few ounces of water.  They tend to look at the sippy cup as a toy and haven't quite figured it out.  Since their only bottle was in the evening when they were exhausted, we always held the bottles for them.  I think we assisted a little too much, which has made the sippy cup transition very foreign to them.  Hoping it improves quickly! 

Sleep is about the same.  They still wake up around 5:30 or 6 to nurse (reeeeeeally ready for this to stop) then back down again until 8 or 8:30.  Naptime is at 10a (strict) and then anytime between 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon, depending on what we're doing/how they're feeling that day.  The third nap is very hit or miss.  Jude definitely needs it more than Sloane but oftentimes both just play quietly in their cribs.  They're still taking pacifiers when they go to sleep but we almost always leave them in the cribs once they're awake (we're hoping neither grow too attached to them).  

These two love to play!  This has been a great month to sit back and watch them interact with one another.  Several times Michael and I have gotten on the floor to be with them and they look at us like we're interrupting.  They make each other laugh and play very well together.  They like to take toys from one another but right now it's a fun game and doesn't cause tears.  I realize that won't always be the case.

Jude still adores the exersaucer and jumping on people's laps. He is so strong!  Sloane is into absolutely everything--I say, "Sloane, you're going to hurt yourself" at least 100 times a day.  Half of the time she does, cries for two seconds and then moves on.  She's a tough one.  I fight back the urge to hover too much because I think it's important for her to learn that certain decisions have less-than-stellar consequences, but I also realize she's 8 months and very new to all of this. 

I read to them a few times each day and while I incorporate one or two new books, there are a few I read almost every day.  I've noticed that when I start reading the first page of a familiar book they both break into huge grins.  I love to see the recognition on their faces!

Due to them moving more and more, we lowered their cribs this month.  It makes getting them in and out more of a challenge but it was definitely necessary!

The twins and I traveled to Fort Smith to visit Julie, Leslie and my parents! We went in the middle of the week so Michael wasn't able to join us. This was his first time away from the babies! I know he missed them but I also know the extra sleep was nice too.  :)  

This past month Jude & Sloane both had a cough, a mild case of hand/foot/mouth, stomach bug, cold, and teething.  They are (finally) healthy and we couldn't be happier!

We took the babies to the pool for the first time!  They both seem to enjoy the water for very different reasons.  We put Sloane in the floaty and she kicked back and relaxed (my kind of girl).  Jude, on the other hand, wanted to splash and kick as much as possible.  I really think he could be the next Michael Phelps.  ;)

Sloaney started crawling!  More on that below!

May 31 - Upper left central tooth
June 9 - Lowered crib
June 13 - Upper right central tooth
June 18 - Upper right lateral tooth
June 22 - Upper left lateral tooth

June 1 - Started to rock back and forth
June 2 - Lower right and left central teeth
June 6 - Sat up by herself
June 9 - Lowered crib
June 20 - Crawled!  And we both saw her do it!

Dear Jude,
Bubby, this has been a tough month for you.  You were sick for a good chunk of it and when you're not feeling well you want to be held all of the time.  I try my best to appease you but I also have your sister to watch during the day so I'm not always able to hold you as much as you'd like.  You cut four teeth in three weeks--I couldn't believe it!  So far you have handled teething like a pro, I'm amazed by you!

You have a new smile that is absolutely precious.  You lift your shoulders and scrunch your nose and I could be having the worst day ever and it's all forgotten.  It is a full body smile and I hope it lasts a long, long time.  One thing I've noticed is how quickly things change for you two.  I have in my notes that you spend a lot of time staring at your hands in amazement and now I realize you no longer do that.  It was so cute while it lasted!

You talk all the time but the most common sound we hear is "Ah."  You typically throw your hands to the floor whenever you say it as if you're trying to get everyone's attention.  We say "Ah" back and forth to each other dozens of times and it always makes you smile.  I wonder what (you think) we're talking about?

Your hair is getting long enough that it no longer stands up everywhere.  I will confess, this breaks my heart.  You've always had a mature look to you but the crazy hair made you look like a baby.  This new 'do makes you look like a little boy.  It's still so soft and getting lighter by the day.  Speaking of light, your skin is so fair.  I think we will be using spf 50 on you for the next 18 years (and then I will pack some for you when you leave for college).

You're now wearing size 4 diapers (!!!), 6-12 or 12 month clothing and weigh 23.5 pounds on our scale at home.  My arms actually have a bit of muscle these days and I have you to thank!

You give the best hugs and are just the sweetest.  I love squeezing your chubby legs and tickling you under the arms just to hear you laugh.  My only request is that you stop changing so quickly--my heart and tear ducts can't take it.  However, I know that's a silly thing to ask of you so I will simply say this: you just keep getting better and better.


Dear Sloaney,
This has been a big month for you! At the beginning of the month you started showing early signs of crawling and now you are unstoppable.  You have always been so observant and with this new skill you have touched, chewed, kicked, and drooled on everything within your reach.  You still spend plenty of time playing with Jude but you also love to explore.  You have a huge obsession with the baby gate next to the stairs, which is both adorable and a little frightening. 

Before you started crawling you had a unique way of getting from point A to point B that made everyone laugh.  You would roll a few times, sit up, switch directions if necessary, roll again, take a few steps, repeat. Michael said it looked like special ops.  I was always amazed at how you were able to put all of these techniques together to get to your desired location.  While crawling is much quicker, I do miss your tricks!

Sloane, you are so happy and have become one of the most laidback babies I know.  You are constantly smiling (or shrieking if you're really happy) and have such a fun disposition.  You handled being sick so well--the only way I knew you weren't feeling well was your smile seemed a little forced when you woke up from a nap.

You still wear size 3 diapers, 6-12 month clothing, and weigh 19 pounds on our scale at home.  Your eczema came back this month and was the worst it's ever been.  :(  We were so hoping it was gone for good.

You're talking quite a bit and something you say quite often sounds like "kitty."  I will whisper it several times back to you and you break into a huge grin. While you're happy to let anyone hold you, you do get upset if you think we've forgotten you (when I take Jude out to the car first or to another room to change his diaper).  I always scoop you up and tell you I will never leave you. Though I know you don't understand what I'm saying, it's important to me that you hear it. 

I have always tried to be that mom who doesn't brag (too much) about her babies in public, but this is my letter to you, sweet Sloane, and I want you to know I think you are the silliest, sweetest, and most beautiful little baby girl.  And to know that you are mine?  My heart absolutely bursts with pride.


Love you both so, so much.


Susie said...

Loved your post as always. AND... 2nd picture down of Sloaney is YOU.
Totally you.
Love - Gramsie

The Echols Family said...

So glad they are feeling much better!! Praying that July is a much healthier month for them! Sick babies/kiddos is never a fun thing for mom. So hard to see them go through it! Precious pictures as always!! Miss you!

Sara said...

Love these updates! They are so cute. This is such a fun age. Next time I have a baby, I want to take maternity leave from 6-9 months! It just keeps getting better and better.


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