Thursday, July 25, 2013


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I swore I'd never do one of these posts.  Just like I swore I'd never give my kids pacifiers.  Oops.

Here's the deal.  I love this blog.  I miss this blog.  But I feel like I've had the worst case of writer's block for oh.... 8 months, three weeks, and three days.  I will give you one guess how old the twins are.

I've been staring at a blank page for 15 minutes and can't think of a thing to write about.  So I'm asking you to help out.  Ask me a question.  It can be about anything and I will do my best to answer it. My hope is it will awaken the part of my brain that has been on sabbatical for all of 2013.  I typed 2012 and had to delete it and try again.  That's how bad it's gotten.  Sheesh.

And if no one asks anything, I will be forced to re-live the social anxiety of junior high, which was quite possibly the most painful time of my life.  Even worse than being 38 weeks pregnant with twins.

Ready?  Pretty please? And... go!


Brianne Bracco said...

I love your blog too! ;)

Ok questions..questions...

What are 5-10 that is completely different now that you are a mom? Or what hasn't changed a bit that you thought would?

If you could guess based on their personalities now, what you guess Sloane and Jude will be when they grow up? and why?

Since the holidays are fast approaching, what are some fun traditions you want to instill on your sweet babies?

How have you and your husband been on having adult days/nights out? For instance, do you guys have a date night once a month?

Another suggustion is maybe a letter to your husband? and how he has been in his new role as Daddy. :)

I really hope I helped and didn't just bombard you and make you feel even more overwhelmed cause I gave you no ideas..haha writers block is the worst, but I've went all the way back to the beginning of your blog and read it all the way to current. And I love it and I know it will all start flowing soon. You have had so much more to enjoy these past few months :)

Kelly Krugh said...

I read on your IG page you want to write a book (me too)! Any thoughts on the topic!?

Kerry said...

I'm a new twin mom and am just embarking on this journey! The boys are 9 weeks tomorrow and Im loving every second of it! But I'm always curious to know how other twin moms manage their time, find time for themselves to shop, workout, eat right etc etc.

Always I love all the clothes you wear! I'd love to know more about your personal style and where you shop and what you enjoy!

Also it may be on here and I've forgotten but I always love reading how couples met! It also might be fun to read about your own goals and goals as a family - 5,10,15 years from now what you guys want and what you want for the kids.

Love when you do post so hope you get some inspiration from other's questions!!

Sara said...

I just sat here for five minutes trying to think of a question! That is sad!

Just wondering if you miss working some days? Mainly the adult interaction, etc? I am a working mom so I only know that scenario. My friends that stay home tell me that is one of the biggest adjustments from working at an office setting to full time mom.

I would like to say if I was able to stay home I would not miss working at all, but I don't know if that would be a true statement. I think I would miss the interactions with co-workers each day and the other aspects of working. I feel guilty even writing that! Geeez!

Laura said...

These are some ideas from your most creative friend ;-)

10 Ways you and Michael are different (saw this on a Pioneer Woman post several weeks ago and thought it was interesting a fun)

What are you reading/watching right now? (books/magazines/blogs/TV shows...)

What are your current favorite things? (not necessarily baby/mother things, but just in life)

I'm out. :)

Sara said...

Hi. I am moving into my 2nd tri of pregnancy. Things are starting to get real and I am getting a little overwhelmed with all the choices when it comes to baby furniture, bedding and gear. Would you be willing to share where some of your big items came from (cribs/nursery chair) and maybe how you decided on some other baby items (stroller/car seat/swing/bouncer)? Also, I am currently trying to decide my stance on crib bumpers. Would you be willing to share your thoughts?

Susie said...

I think you should relive some of your best vacations and some of your worst. I know you can put a great spin on those events!

KK said...

How is Thumbs? How do the babies interact with her?

ashley said...

Not sure why my comment didn't work but I need advice on solid foods!! Introducing them to an exclusively BF baby! Also a daily schedule routine post maybe?! My guy is terrible at napping!! I need help haha!! I was wondering how thumbs is doing too!

Aubrey said...

I love anything you write about, my friend! You always bring your awesome sense of humor and positive outlook to the table, no matter what the topic.

As a mom of singletons, I especially love anything twin related. I would love you to read a suggested daily routine for a single baby at a particular age and show how you would have to tweak it for twins. That would be a mega task (and I'm sure there are entire BOOKS on the topic) but I am much more interested in how YOU do it because I know you and love your way of doing things.

Most of the time it's just the details about day-to-day life with babies that get me. Describe how Jude and Sloane each wind down at nap and bedtime, react to water (bath or pool), communicate while riding in the car, respond to music (any genre), etc. Posts like that can be short and sweet, but they also record such a precious snapshot of a time in your life.

Fingers crossed some of these awesome suggestions from others gets your creative juices flowing!

DAD said...

Might want to get rid of the last line under the photos of you and Michael. At my age I may wake up one day and read your post and have a mild seizure thinking we are adding two more members to the family. :)

Explain what made, "Life Worth Leaving", Fort Smith, AR. I think I know but some of your readers may not.

Trish said...

Seriously? I want to know about your roadtrips as a kiddo. Like the one in the RV across America?? No really--I'm dying to know all about it because it's probably something we'll subject our kids to multiple times. ;)

Jamie and Ryan said...

Hey lady! What do you and Michael do to spend individual time with J&S? Just mommy-son or just daddy-daughter?


elvadiane said...

Hi! I think an interesting topic may be social media. For example instagram. I know you have posted about a negative situation that happened to a friend of yours when she posted about a personal choice she made and got some negative comments, but what about the other side. Are there specific things you look for when you are on a social site or do you just look to people you have met in real life.....etc... Maybe even why you choose to be on social sites and what you hope to get out of being on them :)


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