Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What to Buy: Mom Edition

As promised, here are some of my favorite mom must-haves.  A lot of these aren't truly necessary and some could even be considered slightly extravagant.  However, they've been wonderful to me so I felt they were worth sharing.
Undercover Mama Shirt
My friend Leslie told me about these tanks and they are WONDERFUL.  Rather than recreate the wheel, CLICK HERE and read what she has to say about them.  I purchased a black tank and a white tank and wear them all of the time!

Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Nursing Cami
I also purchased a few of these tanks from Target and love them as well.  They're great for layering--I wear mine with cardigans (when I leave the house) and I don't think people can tell they're nursing tops.  I purchased both the grey and the black. 

Medela Pump in Style
Can't say enough great things about this pump.  We also use the bottles that come with it.  I'm not spending a lot of time on this because I'm pretty sure every mom already knows about this guy.
Sidenote: There is no such thing as pumping in style.  What a ridiculous name.
Tip: Don't spend the extra money on the hands-free version.  There are hands-free bras you can purchase or you can do what some of my genius friends did and cut holes in a sports bra.   

Tree Hut Almond & Honey Shea Sugar Body Scrub
A relaxing shower has become an endangered species around these parts.  During the week my showers are insanely fast.  While this is no big deal for some, I am one of those people who LOVES showers.  Michael knows this and encourages me to take my time on the weekends.  Don't mind if I do.  A few weeks ago I stepped into the shower on a lovely Saturday morning and found this jewel.  It's incredible (so is the sweet guy who gave it to me).  Smells great and is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.
Warning: You must love almonds because the smell is quite strong.  Me?  I can't get enough of it.
Tip: If you're pregnant, start washing your hair every other day.  Once your hair has gotten used to that, go another day without washing.  I now wash my hair twice a week and it's been a huge time-saver.

Baby 411
I started three different baby-related books during my pregnancy and didn't finish any of them.  I found them to not only be overwhelming, but also irrelevant to my situation since I was having twins.  Several friends mentioned this book and I ordered it a week or so before the babies arrived.  I read some of it while I was in the hospital and the rest of it once I got home.  It's a great reference guide, very matter-of-fact and to the point.  When you don't have a lot of time but want to make sure green poop does not mean something is wrong with your baby, this is a great book.
Warning: The book shape/size is ridiculous.  Apparently they spent all of their talent on the writing/research and none of it on the overall packaging.  Oh well.

Amazon Mom
We've been Amazon Prime members for several years.  Amazon Mom is a free membership program that gives you great deals on diapers, wipes, etc.  We did several price comparisons (Babies R Us, Target, and this seems to be the best deal.  We have several items auto-delivered to our doorstep once a month.  Pretty fantastic and I love that we don't have to lug around those huge boxes while we're out shopping!

Starbucks Gift Card
Do I even need to explain?  This was a Christmas gift from my parents.  As of last week Michael and I became a single income family so the Starbucks line item was removed from our budget.  Sometimes, however, you just need to get out of the house, even if it only means going through a Starbucks drive-through so you can get a tall white chocolate mocha and remember what delicious tastes like.  It's been the gift that keeps on giving.  Until it runs out.  And then I will cry.
Tip: Register your gift card and download the Starbucks app.  You get a free drink on your birthday and free drink/food for every 12 drinks purchased.  Hey, every little bit helps! 
Lululemon Astro Pant
Ok, I realize approximately 60 seconds ago I was writing about a strict budget and now I'm talking about one of the most expensive brands out there.  However, these pants were a gift from Michael (in case you haven't noticed, he's a terrific gift-giver) and they are amazing.  Once you become a stay at home mom, your wardrobe (well at least my wardrobe) starts to look a lot like sweatpants and t-shirts.  I walk into J. Crew and see beautiful sweaters and then picture them with spit-up and they lose their luster.  When I put these pants on, birds sing and I swear my hips shrink a few inches.  I feel the same way about Lululemon jackets.  The cut is perfection and the fabric is so nice.  Will I buy a second pair?  Probably not.  Will I wear the crap out of this pair?  Absolutely.


There you have it--hope this helps!  I would love for others to do the same! :)

ps.  My friend Amber also wrote a baby must-have post and I thought it was great!  CLICK HERE to read it!


Brianne said...

Thank you for the great gift tips! One of my best friends is having her baby shower soon and I will definitely keep one of these gift ideas in mind! :)

Kaitlin said...

Ahh, you got the Lulu pants! Good for you. Now that you are loving them, it makes me want to try them...My wallet does not thank you! I'm book marking this & the previous know, for future reference :)

Leslie said...

"There is no such thing as pumping in style." Bahahaha! So true. And you are so right about the size and shape of Baby that not the most awkward book you've ever owned? Very odd. And I am totally getting some of that scrub. I love almond.

Mom's the Word said...

Oooh, I am in need of new "mom pants" - got my first pair when I was pregnant with #1 - they are so gross now. Thanks for the recommendation!


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