Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What to Buy: Baby Edition

It is NAPTIME at the Haynes household!  What a lovely time of day.

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to share some baby items I've found helpful in the past 12 weeks.  I'll provide links where available!

By the way, if you're having multiples you really need to join a moms of multiples group in your area!  I have purchased several of the items below from other twin moms for a fraction of the price.  It's also a great way to meet people and get great advice!  I'm a member of the North Dallas Mothers of Twins Club.  Every morning they send out a "classifieds" email where members sell their gently used items.  I stalked it during my pregnancy and will do so again once we need more baby items.  Let me know if I can answer any questions about it!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller
I've talked with several moms of twins and this seems to be the most popular twin stroller.  While it's not the cheapest, I consider it a very fair price due to its customization ability, weight, and ease.  I've also recommended it to my friends who have one baby but plan to have two (or more).  Right now I'm able to attach the two carseats onto the stroller but when the kids are a little bigger I will use the seats provided.  One of the nice things about this stroller (versus a side-by-side) is if we're only taking one child out we don't have an empty seat (or don't need to purchase a single stroller as well).

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow
I've discussed this item several times but it is probably the number one necessity for breastfeeding moms (well, besides boobs--HA).  The boppy doesn't even come close.  You can also purchase another version of it that is specifically for breastfeeding one baby and the moms who have it love it as well (especially in the beginning).
Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs
Works as a burp cloth and as a bib.  We have six.  I wish we had 20.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets
Everyone raved about the Aden & Anais swaddle cloths so we bought several.  Unfortunately, our children busted through them every time and it became a very frustrating ordeal for us.  We received a few SwaddleMe blankets and gave them a shot.  Love them.  LOVE THEM.  They're dummy proof and made the middle of the night feedings a breeze.  We still swaddle Sloaney because of her crazy legs and arms--she's now in a size medium.  The size small was perfect for the first two months.

A twin friend told me about the DropCam after we'd ordered the Summer Infant Baby Touch monitor.  We'd yet to open the box since the twins were still sleeping in our room so we gave the DropCam a shot.  It's worked really well for us.  The picture is very crisp, sound is good, and delay is minimal.  The best part?  It's also an app on your phone, iPad, and/or computer so Michael can sign on while he is at work and watch the kiddos sleep or play.  At night we keep the laptop running in our room.  I do have a friend who purchased it and said it lost connection quite easily but we haven't had that issue.  It's also cheaper than most baby monitors! (There is an option to have DVR service, which would be great for those who have a nanny, etc.)

Here's a screen shot from my phone:

4moms mamaRoo
This has been a lifesaver when we're dealing with a fussy baby.  It's the spaceship version of the baby swing.  :)  We fell in love with it because of its small size (when you're buying two of so many things, you notice how much floor space items take up).  It has several different motions, speeds, and sounds.  You can also plug your phone/iPod into it and play your own music.  Also, this is one of the only (expensive) brands that has yet to be added to the monster list of exceptions on Buy Buy Baby's 20% off coupon.  So while it's a little more expensive than most swings (it retails for $250), you can save $50, making it a pretty close contender.

Total Baby App
This app keeps track of EVERYTHING: nursing, feeding, sleeping, bathtime, etc.  I only use it for feeding--I always forget what time they last fed and which side they fed on.  I believe it was $5 and can keep track of multiple children.

Wubbanub Pacifiers
Michael and I came home from the hospital totally against pacifiers.  That lasted one night.  I was also totally against pacifiers with animals stuck to them.  That lasted two weeks.  These pacifiers have been great for us and the babies.  They are so much easier to find (what is it with pacifiers and their ability to disappear?) and the babies have an easier time holding onto them.  I think they are the most overpriced item we've purchased ($16 EACH!) but I would do it again.  Love them.

Dreft Spray Stain Remover
My sister-in-law recommended this and it is magical.  From spit-up to poop, it gets everything out.  We had one instance this weekend where we actually had to wash the item a few times (didn't get everything out the first time) but it now looks brand new.  And in the spray's defense, the item I'm referring to was absolutely covered in... well, you know.

Rock n Play Sleeper
Sloane slept in this for the first two months and really enjoyed it.  We still put her in it when she's not sleeping well in the nursery.  It is very portable and can be placed right by your bed, making life easier for both of you.  I know there was a recent recall due to mold (ew) but my thoughts are if you take care of your stuff it will never be an issue.  So... take care of your stuff.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags (for the diaper bag)
Tiny. Affordable. Smells great.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste
We've been very lucky in the diaper rash department.  Jude has had it twice and Sloane has had it once.  We've used this stuff and it's cleared up within the day.  Glory.

Hope this helps! Next up... What to Buy: Mom Edition

Oh and here are a few pictures of my two favorite little people (who aren't so little)!


Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

That's a cool monitor.

Trish said...

I definitely want a mamaroo next go around as our swing (borrowed) was so loud and obnoxious and I have the rocker but none of these other things! Except the diaper baggies. I seriously die over those jammies and also Jude's arms in the picture of the monitor? Love.

Amber Massey said...

You and me are on the same page:)

Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

THANK YOU for doing this!! I went to buy buy baby today and just started laughing. I didn't panic like I did with Jackson but even in 4 years almost EVERYTHING has changed. No lies.

Amber said...

It's crazy how much better stuff is now than when i had my last baby! Cute post. I love your babies. I may come steal them from you :)

Laura said...

So hard to believe how many different versions of the millions of baby items there are out there! I love my (single) baby jogger stroller too--SO lightweight and easy to fold up! Love the pictures of those adorable babies!

Anonymous said...

This is a great list!! Our first baby is due next month:) I'm following you on Instagram I'm Ashley from Canada:) we bought the city select because we plan on having more babies and had heard good reviews on it!! We also have the Mamaroo! Now we just have to wait for our little one to show up!!!

Ashley Blair

Chelsea said...

Thank you SO much for this! I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins (our first as well), and I am so overwhelmed with all the baby stuff! Babies R Us stresses me out every time I'm in there. So thank you again!

check out this site said...

Camera for their security, swing for their nap. :) Great.


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