Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adelyn & Pumpkins!

Here are a few pictures of the adorable Adelyn Marie (and a few other stars you may recognize...)

In other news, Michael and I picked up some pumpkins today--one for each of us.

Aaaaand that concludes our fall decorations.

Can you tell which pumpkin represents each family member?  (Hint: We included one for Thumbs.)

We realized there was one pumpkin we forgot to photograph... the biggest pumpkin of them all:

The face I make each time I see my reflection.  It's the same face strangers make.


Amber Massey said...

You are SO presh! Jordan picked up some pumpkins yesterday.. I think I may need to copy your pumpkin picture shot;) another week down.. Just a couple more to go before you get to hold those sweet punkin's! Maybe I'll bring you some stinky veggies post bAbies.. No? Jordan has become quite good at preparing them;) xoxo!

Jax said...

ha! That last one is cute! We're boycotting pumpkins this year... Actually, we really just haven't had time to go to our favorite patch, so I'm just embracing it and saying it's purposeful.

Kaitlin said...

Cute cute-- I think miss Adelyn looks very similar to big brother Evan when he was a baby! Love the pumpkins pictures!! 15 more days...(are you sick of me counting down yet?? :)


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